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What If Spider-Man 4 Happened?

It's one of the great unanswered questions in superhero movie history. What if Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 wasn’t canceled? There are many details out there about what Tobey Maguire and company had in store for us in the planned 2011 installment. So we’ve combined some of those ideas with our own to craft an original story for the fabled sequel. Hop on board, web-heads, and follow FanScription to an alternate universe where Spider-Man 4…actually happened.

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What If The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Happened?

"The Amazing Spider-Man" films divided many fans of Marvel's wall-crawler. With the 2014 sequel disappointing at the box office, Sony struck a deal with Disney that led to Tom Holland's take on the character in the MCU. There were plans for an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" before the series's cancellation, but how would it have turned out? Would the filmmakers have redeemed themselves or gone further down Sony's abyss of over bloated blockbusters and franchise building? FanScription is here to theorize on how things might have gone when we ask... What if "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" happened?

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