Tamara Just Saw – The Oscar Nominations

Tamara is joined by a special guest to watch all the Oscar nominated movies and shorts to get ready for the big night. Is Manchester by the Sea good? Does La La Land deserve all the buzz? Find out!

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  1. The only Oscars movies I’ve seen are Arrival, Florence Foster Jenkins, Rogue One, Hail Caesar, Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, and Kubo and the Two Strings. In fact, I JUST got done with seeing the Oscars. The following paragraph has OSCAR SPOILERS. I REPEAT SPOILERS BELOW.

    3 things: 1. I can’t believe Suicide Squad won but it kinda deserved it, I think. 2. I wish Kubo and the Two Strings had won SOMETHING., and 3. I kinda wish that Can’t Stop the Feeling had won for best song. That is all.

  2. La La Land was my personal favorite, but Moonlight was the Best Picture. Moonlight got the statue, La La Land is getting my money on a Blu Ray purchase.

    Hidden Figures was just kind of alright to me. It’s solid, the performances are great and the story is one that NEEDS to be told, but the film is INCREDIBLY formulaic. I feel like I’ve seen Hidden Figures a million times before, I can’t say the same of the other nominees.

    Casey Affleck did solid work in a film that I think is honestly pretty weak, but I have to give it to Denzel (and not just because of the alleged sexual assault accusations against Affleck). He went to so many different places with such a mountain of dialogue and was incredibly compelling throughout.

    I’m actually willing to make a case for Emma Stone for Best Actress. First, I need to preface this by saying that this is probably one of the weakest Best Actress groups I’ve seen in the Oscars in a long time (Brie Larson’s performance last year was FAR AND AWAY stronger than any of the performances from the lead actresses this year). Stone was really able to leverage her charm throughout the film and when she was given these incredibly intimate songs and moments (Audition, Someone in the Crowd), she absolutely NAILED them. Audition got a nomination for Best Song (and should have won it, IMO), and that song is literally just her with a black background. To make something that bare bones that good is REALLY damn difficult. Go Emma.

    Viola earned the hell out of Supporting Actress. Naomie Harris was my runner up (she was so hard to watch in such a good way), but Viola Davis freaking went there. The woman upstaged Denzel in a movie he starred in and directed, that’s impressive on its own.

    Mahershala Ali was a close choice for me over Patel (who I think was only up for supporting because about 1/3 of that movie is following him as a young child, if he was up for Best Actor, I would have picked him). Ali was just so bare bones in his performance though, I was blown away by just how real he was. Really strong work from him.

    My Best Picture rankings in terms of objective standards basically went like this:
    1. Moonlight
    2. Lion
    3. La La Land
    4. Fences
    5. Hacksaw Ridge (was gonna be #4 before the last battle scene)
    6. Hell or High Water
    7. Arrival
    8. Hidden Figures
    9. Manchester by the Sea

    Like I said, Moonlight is the best film, but La La Land was my personal favorite.

  3. Daniel Brizuela

    The only Best Picture nominated film I saw was Arrival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YqCcxG9_TQ

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