Teddy Ruxpin the Live Action Series – Was That Real?

He scared us as a toy, but wait until you see Teddy move!

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    Wild Wild West review embed coming soonfirst

  3. Oh God, I used to own one of these…

    • In all honesty, I really enjoyed Teddy Ruxpin. It was a fun adventure show and the icing on the cake were the books that were included with the tapes you put into the dolls. I loved looking at the world map in the back and if this were ever to become a game, it would have made a great platformer or RPG.

      I had both the Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby toys and I tried to put different tapes in them to see if they would work. I put in my dad’s Pink Floyd tape in Teddy Ruxpin once and it nearly sang the songs word for word. 😛

      This show needs a modern day revival with smartphone compatibility. Imagine having a Teddy Ruxpin app to have him talk to you. lol.

      • Which tape? I love the idea of Teddy Ruxpin singing Pink Floyd.

      • I remember asking my mom to buy me one of those Teddy Ruxpin toys when I was little, of course, she said we didn’t have the money for it and it would break down, blah blah blah, but looking back now I kinda see the real reason why she never got me those. Being disturbing looking and all.

        Though, I did pretty well reading all by myself without one, it was the old “Friend has one, and want to get one like said friend” thing.

      • I love the idea of Teddy Ruxpin becoming an RPG, lol.

        “Quickly, Teddy! Draw your sword so we can slay these wild Meep-Morps!!!”
        *Teddy gained 20 XP! Teddy leveled up!*

  4. Why did they start “live action” first? The ‘cool’ low budget thing to do at the time was puppets ( ie: Fraggle Rock, Pinwheel, e.t.c. ) .
    In this “movie”, they used actors with animatronic heads … not cheap!

  5. That was anticlimactic.

  6. Oh, oh, do the McDonald’s cartoons!

  7. The red things look like The Langoliers.

  8. Do you always drive without a seatbelt Doug?

  9. Please do a Goodwill shout out! Wow, you reviewed a movie for your editorial! Well, close enough. I had heard of the cartoon, but not this. I was immediately horrified by these costumes. It seems like a “Winnie The Pooh” ripoff.

  10. Scholarship America? I wish I knew about it when I was younger. My life would’ve been different.

  11. I imagine what would happen if you stuff a ZX Spectrum audiocassette into this thing… What a way to mark a childhood.

  12. I look forward to seeing Wild Wild West next week, as well as weirded out as I reviewed it on my show (when it was a thing lol) 5 years ago xD
    The Blockbuster Chick 🙂

    • “The Blockbuster Chick”????????

      Are you referring to that clusterf@#k that happened four (not five)……
      OK, four and a half….. years ago when……….
      The Blockbuster Buster (March 4),
      That SciFi Guy (March 12), and then Lindsay (May 20)
      all reviewed this movie.

      Or is that your actual handle and you too reviewed this movie??????

      Please stop reviewing Wild Wild West!!!!!! I will pay you!!!!! All of you!!!!!!!!

      • The Blockbuster Chick is my actual handle and no I wasn’t referring to Blockbuster Busters review, I reviewed Wild Wild West before he actually did it, it was 5 years ago and it was featured as an Awesome Blog of the Week for the podcast Transmission Awesome when that was on. And no, I didn’t get my name based on his, I didn’t know of Blockbuster Buster when I was creating my review show.
        And Wild Wild West isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen…..and I know because I reviewed them as well! lol 🙂

  13. The goodbye wavings are about as long as the one in the ending of To Catch a Yeti.

  14. “Nobody in his town or family goes on adventures”
    What is this, Bilbo Bear-gins?

  15. Minion of Yahtzee

    God this looks like the bastard lovechild of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Oogyloves.

    • Hope something like this plays in the background in a Five Nights at Freddys movie. Cool detail added in, and in the Blu-ray you can watch the ‘failed pilot episode on TV’

  16. Well… That was a great build up to absolutely nothing. And no, I don’t care how dirty that sounds. Anyway, despite no Demon Ruxpin, this was a very funny review. Simple, short, and funny. Actually reminds of your early reviews. And before someone goes nuts, I do still like the NC, I’m just saying this review reminds me of the old vids.

  17. Okay, i know i recognize that fairy’s voice from somewhere… Damn, this is gonna drive me nuts.

  18. Great review, I had no idea that movie existed! The weird prejudice for caterpillars and big purple monsters will never be understood…

    ”That’s life.” as someone dealing with occasional anxiety attacks, I can totally get behind that. ;P

  19. honesty… bravery… friendship… trust…

    *cut to twilight sparkle*


    My little pony and bronies are still relevant, right..? >.>

  20. I think the fairy is Webbygail from Duck Tales

  21. Don’t be mean to Teddy! Teddy’s a VERY GOOD bear.

  22. I have very fond memories of watching Teddy ruxpin with my sister when we were young. It was the first series I watched where the status quo changed over time as the characters learned new information and actually had arcs. It was just so different from everything else i watched at the time. Child me saw new episodes of Teddy Ruxpin in the same way adult me sees new episodes of game of thrones.

    I haven’t rewatched it so I don’t know if it would stand up and part of me kind of doesn’t want to out of fear that it won’t.

    Also a suggestion for another WTR that may not be that weird but it’s something that I remember being great that no one else seems to remember or talk about is an animated show called Filmore! it only got 2 seasons, never came out on dvd and i think it was way ahead of it’s time. It was basically a elementary school safety patrol run like it was a police precinct with all the tropes and callbacks you’d think in something like that. There were a lot of plots that clearly spoofed older movies. there was the Gone in 60s style scooter theft ring, an episode where the main character is alone in school during a blizzard trying to keep some kids from stealing test answers that was part die hard part assault on precinct 13. I kind of get why this didn’t do as good as it could have because some of the jokes would go over the heads of kids and I don’t think many adults or teens watched it and I don’t think it’s quite older enough to be getting nostalga love yet but maybe in a few years.

    • I loved what I saw of Filmore while it was on! I could never catch it on regularly, but it was a pretty good show with surprisingly good writing for just a detective/ buddy cop spoof for kids. I don’t know if it would work as a “WTR” episode, but I’d love to see Doug talk about it and he has talked about older cartoons in the past, so maybe one day.

  23. Eh, that Captain Planet reference was okay, but those crystals are clearly the Elements of Harmony. Hell, there’s even six of them!

    • The Real Silverstar

      It’s not a given that Doug watches MLP or that he knows about the Elements of Harmony. Just because you’re a Pony fan you shouldn’t assume that everyone is.

  24. So you find Teddy Ruxpin scary but not the movie It? Yeah Teddy Ruxpin are not even frightening to me.

  25. Couldn’t you have given a more recent reference to the multiple-call thing? Like MLP – Generosity, Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty, and Magic?

    • The Real Silverstar

      ‘Cause MLP: FiM references aren’t getting tired at all.

      Seriously, though, Doug may not follow the show closely enough to know about that.

    • There are five elements.. so called “magic” is what they stabilize. In its original form twilight use it only in The Cristal Empire. To learn morn about what it is you need also know the Rescue from the Midnight Caste (of what this series is a reboot).

  26. Please do Top 11 Animaniacs Songs! I love thier music and I really really miss hearing it. I want everyone to know just how awesome the songs are. These writers were clearly too gifted. It is the most fast-paced humor and addicting-level melodies of all time! (except for the Ducktales theme) Your challenge is to just pick 11 you think are best. Can you do it?

    I already mentioned Operation Smile. There is also a church website called JustServe.org. This is where they contact local events and charities (such as the ones you already shouted out) in your local community and scheldule a time convienent for you to “just serve”

    I think you need to talk about “Plagiawriters”(credit for that word goes to me) You already did “Why Is Nothing Original” I’m talking flat out Hollywood plagiarism. If I remember there’s still a writer’s strike. It’s easy to see why. It’s such a double-standard when they copyright claim your videoclips. They don’t respect fair use on youtube, but they also take the same script and movie to another studio. Who is the audience that wants to see the EXACT SAME MOVIE? Also, are there still studio spies? Nostalgia Chick already covered Disney Dualing Dreamworks. Others dual more. What about the knock-off brand animation studio, direct to video with an all star cast and Foodfight quality animation? Make this one entitled, “Hollywood Gets Away With Plagiarism? #WTF” or #DoubleStandard #CopyrightHypocrites

    • Really? Still?? Dude, you’ve been doing this every week for who knows how long! You’re persistent, I’ll give you that.

      I mean, this was amusing the first couple of times that you’ve made this request, but now it’s getting kind of sad. How about instead of making the same request every single week, why not just do “Top 11 Animaniacs Songs” your own self? If you’ve got all these ideas and how they should be done, YOU’RE the one who should be doing them. And if you just want to hear the songs from A! again, then buy the DVDs!

      At this point, I’m not sure if you’re a troll, a small child playing around on Mom and Dad’s computer or if you just have nothing better to do, but again, if you’ve got all of this free time to come up with things for Doug Walker to make videos about and advice on how specifically they should be done, you should be making your own damn videos. In the weeks that you’ve wasted with your incessant pleas of “Doug, do this!” and “Doug, do that!”, you could have made a couple of videos on uploaded them to YouTube or something similar. If you don’t know how to make videos, then learn how. Take a class. Read a book about it. Watch some tutorials, but do something besides constantly e-begging, because it’s annoying now. Stop pestering Doug to make your video ideas every week just because you don’t feel like doing the work yourself.

      • Wow… I haven’t felt this much guilt since a teacher caught me touching myself in class.

        Look, I had my own channel. I was gonna upload videos. But I got blocked and claimed by Youtube. I had maybe 3 followers. Not much of an audience anyway. So I was only asking Doug since I cannot do these ideas and videos. Somehow, Doug moved Channel Awesome on vessel, and plays carefully with Youtube now. I didn’t. Since I am a victim of the Youtube borg, you made me realize my last request.


        “Has Copyright Gone Too Far?”

        There are cases with Disney, FOX, SONY, and many many others. Not cool, Hollywood dudes. Not cool (guy who comments next to say we should respect copyright to a blind degree). God, maybe I am a troll.

  27. it scares the crap out of me.

  28. I think Mutant League would be perfect for this series. I seem to remember a lot of anti-performance enhancing drug messages and one episode where the league physician finally blew the whistle on the corrupt commissioner.

  29. WTR the pirates of dark water!
    Cant wait to see what steampunk style craziness may comes out of the wild wild west review

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