Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara checks out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.

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  1. Wait! A moment to reflect! *sniffs Pizza* Aaaaahhhh!

  2. Yeah, the complaints about the weapons were pretty dumb; The fighting in the first was fun and bloodless. I’m guessing those parents weren’t too fond of that Sam Peckinpah film “Star Wars”.

    The second one was silly but I remember loving the hell out of it as a kid. But, yeah, the first one, even then, was the better one.

  3. Tammara you’re all wrong about Keno he’s one of the best things about the movie. He helps the turtles and isn’t annoying. he lives in NY City. He can dish out insults to the woman like she did to him. Everyone is rude there. He was just better at it. He helped Raph find the Foot hideout and told the turtles where it is and helped out since he got brought in.

  4. TGIF and Corey? You’ve got Boy Meets World on the brain, my dear.

    Btw… Tamera, I love all your videos and you’re one of the best actors I’ve ever seen on Nostalgia Critic. Fallout is also my favorite game ever.

    You rock!

  5. The main thing to hate about the second one, in my opinion, is something that wouldn’t affect Tamara: that they didn’t use Rocksteady and Bebop.

    And I don’t quite buy that it was a rights issue. Haven’t R&B showed up in other TMNT stuff?

    • It’s been a while, but I think the case was that Peter Laird didn’t want to use Rocksteady and Bebop for the movies because he wanted to keep the live action films a separate continuity from the cartoon, which was still in production at the time, so no Bebop, Rocksteady or Krang.

  6. 7:06 The moment we have all been waiting for, but seriously, I remember (being much older than you, Tamara) all of the “hype” involving this. In his interviews (seriously?!!), he would talk like he was a co-star in the film. I then watched the film only to discover that he was only in 3 minutes near the end, and barely did anything. TuPac (and Digital Underground) were more “involved” in the plot of that stupid Chevy Chase / Dan Akroyd / John Candy film than this guy was “involved” in this film (Ask Doug about that film, Tamara).

  7. Are we getting to the TMNT III review? ^^

  8. Oh yeah, I liked Keno a lot for the movie. I also thought he was really cute. He’s also a good martial artist. He was in the suit for I think Donatello in the first film.

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