Tequila and Bonetti: Runt of the Litter – DVD-R Hell

We learn a little bit more about Tequila’s pre-cop days, as Tequila watches over a homeless girl, and Bonetti searches for a fugitive in Runt of the Litter.

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  1. It’s still so weird to see Phelan and Allison on CA. And granted it’s because it’s in a video with Brad as we won’t see them in like a video with Doug or anything ever again most likely but still weird. Great review though especially the mention of Dog with a Blog. Hmmm you know that show’s not on Disney anymore but Girls Meet World is which is a spinoff of the 90’s boy meets world show so if Tequilla and Bonetti ever got a spinoff from their 90’s show to air on Disney… yeah I know that would never happen but uh… I think I had a point mentioning this.

    Oh also hope at one point for some reason Brad has Doug and Rob on to talk about Tequilla and Bonetti and they just compare the show to shows they vlog about. That’d be fun and… more likely then Disney’s Tequilla and Bonetti spinoff.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Bonetti biting the crap out of a criminal,a child character who never shows up in the series again as the same character, tequila eating a bean burrito,and a dramatic moment followed by a joke in the end YEP!!! definitely a tequila and bonetti episode and one of the bests ones at that.

  3. You know guys, it feels like a Tequila and Bonetti kind of day.

    Thanks Cinema Brad!

  4. Lose Phelan, Allison, and Brad. Keep Loyd.

  5. It is weird to see a box of Kraft Dinner that does not say Kraft Dinner on it. You Americans are so adorable.

  6. WTH I skipped this episode and you got these two with you?

  7. *sigh*… I see Phelan is still as annoying as ever. Other than that: Nice review.

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