Tequila and Bonetti: The Motion Picture – LLOYD

While taking the day off work, Lloyd and Glynis take in a movie, where familiar characters begin to turn up.

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  1. Not bad, it’s just a little on the long side. I would suggest that any Lloyd episode longer than six minutes be made into a two-parter. I only say this because I started to lose interest around then. It just didn’t have the action or enough slap-stick like the previous episodes to hold me. Everything after the eight minute mark was just sort of “meh”.
    It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t have the entertainment value of the previous episodes.

  2. Just noticed the “Jesus Sis” easter egg. Well done.

  3. iamnotincompliance

    I’d pay good money to see Fat Grandma’s Rapping Christmas Miracle. Make it happen!

  4. Best one so far, but probably because I love the Tequila and Bonetti DVR hells and wacky 90’s shows.

    These are super inside-jokey which is fine for me since I get the jokes, but most people watching that aren’t familiar with the source material are gonna be all “whaaaat?”. Liked Phelan as the squatch and Linkara as Charles Rocket too. Lots of fun!

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