Terminator 2 – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is back with Terminator 2. Can this movie top the original? Find out!

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  1. Wow … talk about cliff notes. At least at minimum you saw the director’s cut, and probably the Ultimate Edition. If you watched that first and then watched the original theatrical version you’d definitely feel the movie was missing needed scenes.
    This makes me wonder how you’d review one of my other favorite movies … 1987’s ‘Robocop’. Even if you have already seen it I’d still like to see your review of it.

    • She must have seen the director’s cut. Because as I watch this I kept thinking “Did I really forget ALL THAT?”
      I also found her point from others finding it exciting in theater’s from not knowing the twist to be funny Since the original trailer totally gave it away!

  2. Yeah, I haven’t seen this either but I love hearing your summaries. They’re so… alive. ^.^ LOL.

  3. most probably already knows this but the actress that played Janelle in T2 also played the badass Vasquez in Aliens

    • Which is probably my _other_ go-to example of a sequel I like better than the original, as it happens!
      Not that Terminator or Alien are bad movies at all, though. But Terminator 2 and Aliens are like, two of my favourite movies ever.

  4. The Real Silverstar

    Incidentally, Edward Furlong’s ginger pal was played by Danny Cooksey, aka Montana Max from Tiny Toons, Milo from Pepper Ann, Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown and Bobby Budnick from Salute Your Shorts.

  5. Good review until she started crying about her corrupt socialist candidate losing horribly

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