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While the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is considered a classic, it’s sequel has a more negative reputation. But does it deserve it?

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  1. While nothing tops the original, this is actually my favourite of all the sequels and remakes that have come out since. I just love how over the top ridiculous it is. Metal plate in head, coat hanger guy is great, but Dennis Hopper totally steals the show.


  2. I can enjoy comedies and even horror comedies like Zombiland but something about the idea of this not only being canon to the original but a direct sequel rubs me the wrong way. I guess I just like a more or less consistent tone in multiple works that are supposed to take place in the same universe.

  3. In fact Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on real events, as Latherface was inspired by real serial killer Ed Gein (plus there is several known cannibals). Still I hate when movies pretend that movie events themselves did really happened, instead creators just borrowing some details from real cases.

  4. This movie kind of seems like it has more in common with Evil Dead doesn’t it?

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