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A review with cats?!? You can’t get more internet than that! Critic and Snob bring their kitties along to look at one of the worst remakes Disney has made, and that’s saying a lot! Let’s take a look at 1997’s, That Darn Cat.

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  1. First! HA!HA! better luck next time, NOT!. Anyways, CAAAAAT!

  2. I love this review just because I love cats. Such a cute review. This just makes me want to see the original (I didn’t know that the 1997 one was a remake until now). Also, 10:47 WAS creepy. This was definitely one of your top 10 oddest reviews.

  3. If Stampula sucks inconvenience then wouldn’t he want people to be inconvenienced, since making things more convenient would mean there’s less of his food source.

  4. Next week you ain’t getting it.

  5. I figured out what Doug was in the stamps commercial.

    He was a…bad Jamaican stereotype.

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