That Guy Riffs: Superman

That Guy Riffs a public domain Superman cartoon.

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  1. We’ve been seeing a lot more Doug on this site in the past two weeks.


  2. Gee, I wonder what half the jokes in this riff are gonna be about?

  3. Wow, that villain had really good handwriting.

  4. 1:45 — So *that*’s where Marvin’s Earth Shattering Kaboom went!

  5. Say what you will about Max Fleischer’s Superman cartoons, but the animation is pretty damn impressive for its time and still looks great to this day

  6. Looked like the villain had a mohawk.

  7. Haha, nice work. I remember growing up we had a number of the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons on VHS, always enjoyed them. Good times.

  8. Orson Welles? Is that you?

  9. Hat guy with the

  10. And no joke on Superman punching a laser beam?

  11. I’m still stuck on the odd choice to change Ma and Pa Kent to “an orphanage”

    • That was his original origin. He was found by a passing motorist and taken to an orphanage. The motorist was eventually changed to the Kents who came back and officially adopted him.

  12. I’ve had a set of 3 tapes with a bunch of these early Superman cartoons, plus Merrie Melodies, Popeye, Betty Boop, & Casper. Very nostalgic.

  13. I remember seeing this short as a kid, and I still love it, The animation has aged remarkably well.

  14. Wow, when I saw the title I went, “Ah! Like that one OOOLD Superman cartoon I owned on VHS? Nah…” But it is! I don’t remember it having such good animation, but I DO remember it being incredibly sexist. Yessss, rip it to shreds! LOL, the joke about impotence got me… yeah, I forgot it already, but still… XD

  15. The Marvin Martian and Iago jokes made me spit my orange juice. Curse you, That Guy Riffs!

  16. TragicGuineaPig

    3:38 – Actually, I’m pretty sure Brian Williams had one of those. Before it was destroyed by the Chitauri battling against the Avengers.

  17. Wow, good thing the Daily Planet’s flagpole is strong enough to support the whole building.

  18. Thanks for this Doug. It made me want to watch my copy of ‘The Rocketeer’. I did so last night and I caught a few little things that I’d missed the previous times I watched it.

  19. You know Doug half of the jokes didn’t make sense to me but still good job on your first short subject or cartoon rift.

  20. Oops I mean riff and by the way my Disney’s The Haunted Mansion DVD is standing in my DVD shelf behind me as I’m watching any videos here on my laptop.

  21. I really enjoyed that, you should make/upload more of these Doug!

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