The 5th Wave and Dirty Grandpa – Midnight Screenings

Team Snob checks out The 5th Wave & Dirty Grandpa.

Brad and Sarah review The 5th Wave.

Brad and Irving review Dirty Grandpa.

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  1. They’re releasing Deadpool in February. That tells you what the company thinks of it.

  2. So many fucking terribly tween movies these days. Would it KILL Hollywood to release a proper alien invasion movie like XCOM or Falling Skies? Where the aliens are not just “pretending to be human” or “possessing humans” AKA cheap excuse not to show REAL ALIENS?

    And also, do you guys notice the trend in this, the Divergent, the Hunger Games and all the rest? It’s the same tired old “Grown-ups are misleading and betraying you!” message over and over. The same idiocy as with most anime where the world-saving giant mech just HAS to be piloted by a 12-year-old.

  3. (man, this ended up being an unnecessarily big comment for such a little thing, but whatever)

    Just thought i’d spew out my thoughts while i’m dwelling on them: I honestly think there’s really no point in giving reviewers crap for pointing out that a movie (in this case, “Dirty Grandpa”,) includes jokes based on racism, sexism, and homophobia– even if they see this as a reason to give the movie a bad review. I can see why some people might see this as a faulty reason to give a movie a low rating– especially when the movie is already SUPPOSED to be an “offensive comedy” in the first place. But… let’s face it. Comedians will usually only resort to jokes based on race, gender, etc, when they aren’t clever or witty enough to come up with something that is actually of quality. Racism and sexism are the poor man’s easy-way-out to making a joke. Even if the lameness of the joke is clear, it still has a higher chance of making people laugh, just out of sheer surprise/shock value. So of course, it’s totally valid that you might enjoy that kind of comedy. But it makes sense that people would use that as completely reasonable factor in giving a film a lower rating. The “offensive comedy” will probably never die out entirely, if it’s to SUCCESSFULLY survive, it WILL have to change to some extent. (like everything in life, really.) And… yeah, that’s just it. Times, they are a-changin. What was once, “WHOA! they did NOT just go there!” is now becoming “yawn… wow, the same sexism and racism we see every day… haha…” to a lot of people. So those reviews do kinda make a lot of sense.

  4. Ben Parrish actor- asshole teenager from Jurassic World, also known as Nick Robinson 🙂

  5. For what it’s worth, Ben Parrish and Ringer were far and away the most interesting characters in the book, so at least they kept that the same?

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