The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland – Nostalgia Critic

By popular demand (and incredible resistance), Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the Sesame Street film based on one of the most annoying red crazes. Let’s finally take a look at The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

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  1. Gotta refresh fast bruh! Your heart pounding for getting that first comment didn’t it?
    Yes, i finally did it the first comment in the 31st <—- NC video of 2020. Remember this day those who see/read this. There is always Next Decade! HAHA!

    Yeees! live with the shame for the next 10 years to get that first comment. MWAHAHAHA! I’m still on a winning streak here.

    I know you're gonna read this. Sore winner/loser be damned.

  2. FIRST!

    Per the rules you have set up in the ‘Superman Returns’ video, where the use of the word ‘FIRST!’ as well as the exclamation point being a necessity to qualify as your chain broken, you should consider this an official end to your line (though I do believe, really, this is the third time it’s happened.)

    Will you concede defeat and cease this solo pestering I wonder?

    • No, because i identify as First commenter so it’s not broken. ^_^ I’m just being dumb and having fun with it. with that i’m still on a winning streak. Also, GOTCHA!

  3. I was hoping you read the previous comments just so you can respond to it later on……as planned. heh!

  4. Uh….I don’t think it matters anymore because you aren’t getting the next one so……

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