The Angriest Whopper – Brad Tries

Brad tries out the new Whopper from Burger King with the red bun.

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  1. Krimzon_Mechanism

    I tried it out here in Portugal, and it is definitely delicious. It’s not really that spicy if you’re a guy used to eating good quality spicy curry or if you’re accustomed to eating spicy food in general, but for some reason, that mildness in taste contrasts with how it reacts in your stomach.
    That thing wrecked my stomach, not so much giving me indigestion or something like that, it just kinda creates a storm in it and then it just goes away.

    Still though, tasty as fuck, ate another after a few days (something which I don’t usually do, since fast food is still basically plastic, albeit delicious plastic). 7/10 would reccomend if you’re a fan of spicy food and are looking for something very mild, or at least different, and can’t be fucked to find actual spicy food. xD

    People not used to spicy food might think it’s too strong for them though. To them I say: grow a pair (of balls/ovaries). 😛

  2. I could never eat this. Heck, even Chipotle is too spicy for me sometimes! LOL.

  3. Yonagonaf thinks the sentence “Brad tries out the new Whopper from Burger King with the red bun.” should be reworded as “Brad tries out the new Whopper with the red bun from Burger King.”

  4. missionquestthing

    I think it’s the Angriest Whopper because Burger King had the Angry Whopper a few years ago that had the sauce and the straws but no jalapenos or red bun. This one is upgraded and hence angrier?

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ohh since you and wrecklesseating both really liking this though I don’t like hot sauce I’m definitely going to try this but I’m gonna have to have a large doctor pepper with this 😉

  6. I don’t mind Burger King, but every sandwich they have ever produced looks like someone sat on it first.

  7. I liked it okay, but didn’t find it even close to worth $6 for the burger alone so I won’t be getting another.

  8. And I’m sitting here eating freakin soup.

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