The Animated Lord of the Rings – Nostalgia Critic

Everyone knows the Peter Jackson version, but years earlier animation director Ralph Bakshi gave his unique take on the famous story. Is it worth looking up? Yes…for the most part. The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Animated Lord of the Rings movie.

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  1. Yes, i finally did it the first comment in the 32st <—- NC video of 2020!

    Everybody else: “So what do you do on Wednesdays?”
    Me: “I refresh the Channel Awesome page for a few hours until the new video is uploaded so I can copy paste the first comment. Yeah, I’m usually the only comment, but that’ll show them.”
    “Check, please.”

    BTW Well Played if did.

  2. HaHa!….Perfect!

  3. that’s right comment on the next new video regarding my past ones while you all ways about my winning streak.

  4. i mean whine about my winning streak.

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