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From the writer of several Guillermo Del Toro horror films comes an early 90s family dog film!

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  1. Oh God. I saw this movie when I was super young O_O And I forgot about it…..for good reason.

  2. Oh hey, it is Sledge Hammer. That was… unexpected.

    The oly trope they didn’t used was having the dog monologue to himself.

  3. The Movie Explorer

    Two new episodes in the same week? You spoil us, Brad! And this is another one I need to add to my “To See” list, on account of Del Toro’s involvement. I never would have bothered watching Blade II otherwise (as a Real Life™ Cinema Snob, that’s the farm-fresh truth).

  4. Too bad the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Last Action Hero didn’t end the way this one did.

  5. I loved this movie as a kid. xD

  6. Oh my god. I remember this movie. It was weird.

    Wait a second. If this is a review of something I have heard of and remember watching as a child… Are you the Nostalgia Critic now?

    • He actually released this review on his site and YouTube last week, and the reason it took him this long to post it here on CA is because Sony blocked the video for the standard You-Tube/copyright crap, but thank God it’s not blocked anymore.

  7. I decided to rewatch this movie after your review and I’m shocked you didn’t notice something. There’s a strong implication that the kid passes out and the dog undresses him and puts his clothes out to dry.

    You missed a comedy gem there, Cinema Snob.

  8. 3:11- What makes a good family flick aout a dog? …Uh. …Flashbacks on why you’re afraind of fire? WTF?

    Nice AFV joke.

    Bingo is about as tallented as the super-pets in the Krypto the Superdog cartoon series. And yes, I still remember watching that show on Cartoon Network 10 years later.

    8:32- You people blam the dog for everything. BTW, it was obvious Goldilocks that destroyed your shit, because she’s done with doing that in houses owned by bears.

    9:19- At least it’s not like the dog rape scene in Man’s Best Friend (reviewed by Phelous).

    10:48- Or the dog version of Soilent Green.

    13:20- Just when I think this movie has gone to the height of its stupidity, it just keeps going up.

    14:13- I’m being reminded by the court scene in Ted 2, and movie that’s less stupid than this, but that’s not saying much.

    22:55- Yeah, I was also thinking that same thing half-way through this review.

    I never watched this movie when I was a kid, and after watching this, I am forever happy for that.

  9. Uggghhh…. THIS train wreck. My aunt made me watch this when I was a little kid. She had it on VHS and loved it SO much. Wouldn’t shut up about how cute and funny it was. Anyway, at seven years old, I remember sitting through this going “Uhhh… okay, THAT was stupid. Maybe it picks up in the second act. No? Hmmm… when does this get good?” And I could tell from my five year old sister’s face that she was having about the same reaction.

    I found out years later that the dog actor was actually a dog they picked up at a shelter in the hopes of encouraging more people to consider rescue dogs. Lovely noble goal… too bad the film tanked. Can’t fault the doggie though — he was pretty cute.

  10. Bingo? I thought it was a movie about the famous numbers-on-paper-and-Bingo-screaming-game. Instead we get a guy stuck in a dog body.
    And the theme song is stuck in your head because it sounds like a CCR-Ripoff. It sounds like CCR’s “Looking out my back door”
    And I’m shocked. Cindy Williams? The Cindy Williams? The cute adorable Shirley W. Feenie Meenie? Here? Why?

  11. Man, I watched this movie a lot when I was little. I’d forgotten how silly it was.

  12. i might have an idea to what you can make a review of next, a zombie comedy that goes by the name of Fido, where a boy have a zombie as a pet, hope you make this happen please :3

  13. I’m half way convinced this was never meant to be a story of a boy and his dog. It was supposed to be about a boy and a tramp who wanted to live together and who this tramp traveled cross country just to make it happen. Than someone at the studio read the script and said, “well we can’t have a homeless man chasing a kid cross country. That would be creepy. Let’s change just enough so the tramp in now a dog.” How else do you explain why Bingo gets put in all these positions and does all this stuff on his own and NO ONE QUESTIONS IT!

  14. I used to watch this movie when I was little, and literally the only thing I remembered about it was that damn hot dogs made from dogs storyline. As a little girl who loved animals, this practically was a horror movie to me.

  15. Congrats Snob, you’ve officially found a dog movie weirder than Max.

  16. Wow. My youngest sister LOVED this movie and kept watching it. I mean, I know I watched The Dark Crystal a lot as a kid, but she wore out the tape. Sometimes I wonder if she knew how much we hated it and avoided the living room while it was on and that was the only time she got any peace and quiet. I mean, it’s why Mom watched Lawrence Whelk.

  17. I remember watching this when I was like 9 and I really didn’t dislike any movies back then, but this was one exception.

  18. I remember this movie only for the abrupt kidnapping in the third act.

  19. thatchickwithlonghair

    Lol I f*cking hate this movie so much. Spoof or not, it’s still a piece of shit. Definitely one of the worst films I’ve ever seen since it was marketed as a kid’s movie but is chock FULL of inappropriate content yet it’s too stupid for an adult to enjoy too. It alienates everyone.

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