The Cinema Snob: Cruisin’ 57

Revv up your engines, it’s the gay version of American Graffiti! Featuring the return of The Bros.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Awesome, the Bros are back!

  2. This was the first time I saw a Cinema Snob review, and I gotta say, it was great, not that I’m really into gay movies, and tbh I don’t really know what he usually reviews(so sorry), but if the humour and production values are of this quality, then I might have to take a look at his other videoes aswell.
    Sorry for the crude english, not my native language.
    Thank you.
    -Some straight guy from sweden

    • He’s does exploitation and horror films, in general. He’s the best, yo!

    • Snob’s usual fare is “exploitation films”, though he runs the gamut of terrible movies. He usually does extremely low budget horror films, but also often does bad 70s action flicks, porn parodies, and any number of other bad cinema. He has, from time to time, done some classic slasher films like Friday the 13th, as well.

  3. the sound quality on the movie is terrible

    is it a bad copy, or was the original like this?

  4. I wonder what would happen if the Bros met 90’s Kid… Even he would notice these two are even more in the closet than Tim Noah, I guess.

    And, I didn’t know Eddie Cahill was in this movie.

  5. I LOVE The Bros, so glad to see them back again!

  6. This is a weird coincidence, because my dad gave me a DVD copy of American Graffiti on Saturday, and I watched it for my very first time. And never expect their to be a gay porno spoof of said movie.

  7. So the sountrack of this flick is based off somebody’s tape recording of an Oldies radio station?

  8. Woo-hoo, another great Snob review! You’ve become my new favorite Channel Awesome reviewer. 🙂

  9. Ginsberg was also gay. At Columbia University he had a crush on Jack Kerouac. Later on Eisenhower would become president of Columbia before being elected to the White House. Is there a connection?

  10. Woo! The bros return! Next time you have a crossover with Linkara, you should totally have 90’s Kid chill with them!

  11. I am not a fan of real life dudebros, but I just love these guys they are so funny when they get themselves into awesome gay situations like that! 😀

    Do they have names?
    I would give them names, but I don’t know any names that would be “bro”-ish.

  12. If I had a “Bring a lamp from home” day when I went to school I’d probably bring the Amityvile 4 lamp. It’s pretty weird watching a porn with a soundtrack that sounds right at home in Bioshock. But at least I can hear the soundtrack, unlike the actors in this thing, they all sound like the teacher from the Peanuts specials. Well hey if you saw Paul Rubens spanking it to this, you’d still be surprised but for completely different reasons.

  13. What was the point of those shots with the group of “kids” hanging out?

    I’m guessing that the bro characters were based on some real-life dude-bros they come across during their midnight screenings. I like how they still play off as “totes straight” considering what happened to “Bro” Brad at the end of the “Don’t Stop the Music” review.

  14. I hope the Bros come back for the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 review. That would be right up their alley.

  15. wait… the police announcement at the beginning said it was the Philadelphia area but the ‘Ginsberger’ ad said “Route 1 in Saugus” which is a town north of Boston

  16. You are the best person left on this site man… You and your team and maybe Mike Jeavons are the last watchable acts on this website and should you leave, I have no reason to ever jump on channel awesome again…. You Spoony and the other people who have left should make a new site or something not run by the walker or something…. Feel like they hold you back a bit and they tend to reserve some of the better review topics for themselves…. Which sucks cause they’re not very funny at all, bordering on annoying…. and tend to be pompous despite the fact that every other review a major joke or plot point in a movie will blatantly go over their heads.

    Not to make this a rant bout them, just saying you do a great job and I’d like to see you guys do a wider range of things.

  17. Well I saw something that I never expected to see in a review Brad’s crack

  18. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Loved you and jake as the bros,bro(xd,bro).The video was good too.Did the guy who got ran over by johnny miller’s car grow up into a terminator cause it appears so.

  19. I loved the Number 23 joke. I was thinking the same thing. Ew, I could see your butt crack! You should have censored that! You censored everything else in this video. Your other videos don’t work on this website.

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