The Cinema Snob: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Is this the end of Jason Voorhees? Well, in 1984 it might have been.

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  1. Here it is. The Cinema Snob review for the movie that gave us the Cinema Snob!

    I’ve waited for this for so long!

  2. The Snob dances quite good xD

  3. Hahahaa, the expression on Lloyd’s face is priceless when Cinema Snob dances! XD

  4. LOL at the Snob dancing. As someone who’s never seen any of these movies, I can’t tell if I agree or disagree, but I think it’s nice that he’s finally getting around to reviewing the movie that inspired him to start this show in the first place.

  5. That finger twitch Jason does at the end. Was that in Tommy’s head? Was it involuntary twitching? Did Jason try to pull an Ernie The Giant Chicken?

  6. This movie was friggin awesome. It’s the best Friday the 13th film, bar none.

    Also, this episode is really fucking funny.

    That is all.

  7. Love the George McFly jokes. I can’t wait for the part 5 review.

    • Snob actually reviewed part 5 waaaay back when he was first starting out. Whether he’ll do another, more in-depth review I don’t know.

      • I wondered about too. My guess is he probably will since back than he still had to work with the tighter time limits from the early years of youtube channels. Now he has more to work with. Plus Siskel and Ebert reviewed that movie too and there tone was exceedingly lighter than there infamous response to part IV,. This was probably they had to review three other sequel to other movies they didn’t like that week and just had to laugh at the dumb luck. So there is that extra material to work with.
        Fortunately March 13 always falls on the same day of the week is February except on leap years, so we won’t have to wait long to find out.

  8. 0:38


    Even in 8th GRADE, I could dance better than that!

    And I SUCKED at dancing!

  9. …And why is the guy in the red-and-black-striped shirt, wearing short-shorts?

  10. Talk about timing. Cinemassacre is about to hit up this one as the first 3 were reviewed over the last few days. Curious to see the different opinions.

  11. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    You know, Jason killing those dancing kids is probably for the best.

  12. 6:55-7:00 So well I. Those crickets gave me the creeps. Who knew this series could pull of subtle terror if it’s wants to, but it usual doesn’t want to!
    7:50-8:00 See this movie is sending the message to teenagers that the world is an evil place. Not because a killer’s out to get them, but because the medics you rely on to save you are insensitive assholes who want to shag in the morgue!
    17:00-05 You’d think with Jason’s past he’d avoid the water completely!
    24:16-20 Well it’s got about as large a cast as a Robert Altman film!
    24:30-50 That dog prove to be the smartest one in the movie.

    This was easily one of the funniest reviews you’ve ever done Brad. Now the Snob needs to reminds us why Fifty Shades of Grey would be better in French by reviewing The Story of O!

  13. Well you pure Americans are sadistic, what can I say?

  14. Americans are the most violentl sadistic people in the world but not the sexiest anymore. Times have changed since the eighties and before.

  15. Moviemantweeter1999

    Your dancing and llyods expression are my favorite cinema snob moment of this year so far. This also was a good review and that poster rolled up right next to the wall was probably the poster for the loft(I’m assuming).

  16. And then they lied again with “Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday”. Wait, the most recent one was the 12th? The next one really will be the 13th! I didn’t understand that hair thing either. I thought Jason wouldn’t harm children. He tried to hurt Tommy.

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