The Cinema Snob: Ghosts Can’t Do It

One of the worst things in the history of things. Seriously. One of the worst movies ever to be featured on the show.

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  1. Amazing!… Just amazing! One of your most hilarious reviews to date.
    Perfect timing with the Trump movie-camio.

  2. Hi, hello, my name is Tayze. So I’m a pretty normal guy… I have a decent life… but this, is truly something beyond my understanding of bad… this has made me rethink my entire life, like wow. So if you could take this gun… yeah, the random machine gun from earlier, the very same… yeah and with that… kill me… please… that would be great… thanks.

  3. holy fucking shit
    that’s the only line i can think of for this movie
    and it can mean more than one thing for this movie
    while this movie can only mean 1 thing

  4. WOW! I knew from this movie reputation as one of the lowest user rating of any razzie nominee from best picture that it had to be heading from this site for a long time…but these comments alone have me ROTFL! Clearly in for something big time bad! Better hold on tight..and hope for laughs that lighten up this rainy day.

  5. Oh Dear! I’m eight minutes in to this..and I have to put that out before forget.

    Oh Julie Newmar, your little cat ears were more dignified than this!

  6. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    WTF DID I JUST SEE REVIEWED!? Why in the flying fudge did this movie need to be made?!

  7. Oh… My… God… You know, I’m one of those people who follows the Razzies pretty closely so this is a movie I had heard about. This is one of those cases where I thought it would just be some mediocre comedy with a bunch of lame ghost jokes. But in my wildest imagination, I couldn’t imagine something this ineptly made.

  8. The best thing about this was the timing of it’s release. I was 13 and Bo Derek’s rampant nudity definitely helped ceate a shortage of tissues in my house.

    Beyond fapping material, and not even sought out fap material, it was on skinemax often, this movie is beyond incomprehensible. Bo Derek makes Paris Hilton or Kim Kardassian look like Meryl Steep, and for a movie with the word Ghosts in the title, an astonishing lack of cool ghosts. One thing that even my teenage mind was able to discern is what a fucking cock tease Bo was in this flick. She’s a pretty horrible character.

    I’m assuming this was of course a love letter for the director and Bo’s relationship, sadly it makes both look like certified nut jobs.

    Seriously, unless I’m wearing a Jackie Gleeson Ralph Cramden costume for Halloween I never want my girl to call me Great One.

  9. SailorRustyBacon

    Why does the creepy stalker guy remind me of the head rapist from I Spit On Your Grave?

  10. Cinema snob please tell spoony to get back to reviews i love that guys shit

  11. I know BO is supposed to be crying but it comes off as if she’s laughing. Also wings on hand?

  12. The title made me curious because I was like, “ghosts can’t do what?” And then here are my thoughts:
    Ugh, disgusting; what am I looking at?!; WHY?!?; the effects are AWFUL; there must be fanfics that did this idea better…; a monkey with brain damage can write better than this; who talks like this?!; why does Bo swear so much?!

    John Derek must be one of the worst directors ever; both this and Bolero won Worst Picture Razzies. However, this tied with Ford Fairlane for Worst Picture in 1990, but I think that this looks worse.

  13. Egabadoobagawatawhatthefuck?!

    I would ask what drugs people were doing in the 80′s to come up with horrid nonsense like this, but we already know the answer to that. The answer is all the drugs.

    All the drugs?


  14. this movie is hurting me… I think I need to watch Last Action Hero to reverse the effects

  15. Trump better hope I don’t find out about any Ask Me Anything events he might do because I’ll bring this movie up

  16. O.O …..haaaaaahhhwuuhhhh?

    My god, your comic timing was spot on in this one, Mr. Snob. Four surprise-guffaws from me!

  17. This movie kind of reminds me of some of Studio Ghibli’s works, actually, with the meandering story, and the lovely cinematography…

    …just, y’know, without the overall coherence, or nice music, or likable and well-acted characters, or good sound, or dialogue that doesn’t sound like pretentious, slightly soused amateur comedians trying to ad-lib an art film. Or the nice flying machines.

    It does, however, contain more topless women than most Ghibli films. Well, except for that one, technically.

  18. “Come on, you just gave that to [Trump] because of who he is, not because of his performance”: The Razzies do that ALL the time, and it’s definitely the most annoying thing about them as an institution. For example, O.J. Simpson won for his appearance in the third Naked Gun movie because it happened to come out the same year that, well, you know. The very worst example was when they gave “acting’ razzies to the entire Bush administration for “appearing” in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. I get really annoyed when non-political entities try and make political statements. Please just stick to honoring bad movies.

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