The Cinema Snob: Heaven’s Gate (Part 3)

The Cinema Snob watches the conclusion of Heaven’s Gate, while a documentary chronicles the Heaven’s Gate review mishaps.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. idk about anyone else,but i had fun with this oversized review of an oversized movie that i’m too young to know about
    yay youth
    and being born in the 90s

  2. i really liked this review, not the best but still pretty good

  3. Good review, but this movie is garbage. A whole lot of nothing happening through most of it.

  4. You held my attention, Snob. 🙂 I looked forward to these after the first, because I knew to slow down and look/listen to the details. Well done.

  5. SailorRustyBacon

    I swear, that Christopher Walken scene needed some Scarface audio dubbed over it!

  6. Not a bad film by any means, but I think a TV miniseries would probably have worked better for what Cimino wanted to achieve than the five-hour monster that he originally wanted to release in cinemas.

  7. Перевод Жужа. Lol what? There is a russian dub for ET porn?

  8. Wow, apparently Cimino wanted the length of an actual battle in the original cut. That’s…hardcore?

    • The opening battle in Saving Private Ryan was about 40 minutes, but that battle was fast paced and had stuff happning. In speaking of Spielberg movies, he thankfully never blew up any horses in War Horse.

  9. Yeah as if to say you think Heaven’s Gate was the worst movie ever made (mostly in America), trust me baby you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  10. Great review fantastic Brad Jones CS, I liked it and learned quite a lot these fifteen days, so here’s a parphrased quote from Ernie Hudson in 1984’s Ghostbusters that would make a little more sense than how he said it to a white New York City mayor, “I’ve seen shit that will turn you black” right back at you Ernie Hudson but he’s still always awesome even if he dies someday.

  11. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Nice to see Ed Glaser in the video and I definitelly enjoyed the two parts I watched to the video. Jeez Film Brainis a dirty bad little naughty British boy while it looks like linkara was sent to that hospital to get the Medea treatment for fat grandma. But the best part of the video by,far was llyod sitting on he couch licking himself(include more llyod PLZ)?

  12. Sam Waterston?!

  13. I’ve seen Manohla Dargis give glowing reviews to absolute shit films so I’m not sure if you to use her as a source for a good review.

  14. I watched all 3 parts only to find out this movie has nothing to do with the Heaven’s Gate cult? Pfft, 1/10! Didn’t even have Nazi boobs.

  15. I thought the film received harsher criticism than it deserved I have seen the longest version available and although it is a poor film the cinematography and lavish production alone negate it being either the worst film ever made or even the worst western ever made.
    I did have a problem with the characters and actually was supporting The Association at the end I thought the immigrants were a bunch of mindless idiots, the hired killers at least were getting paid to be murderers.
    Walken and Khristopherson looked bored and his French bit who I cannot even remember did not even get a heartbeat when she died.
    Snob you are one of the only two reviewers who still deserves praise for consistency, awesome mate.
    The other is Markiplier.

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