The Cinema Snob: Suspiria

The Cinema Snob checks out Dario Argento’s beautiful masterpiece Suspiria! And come check out Brad Jones and Jake Norvell at Wizard World Indianapolis, February 13th-15th, with a panel on that Friday!

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  1. A friend of mine did an interesting rock cover of the theme from Suspiria back in college. I don’t think I have it anymore, but it was interesting as hell to listen to.

    Of course, watching the movie is a whole different experience entirely- one filled with lots less rock and lots more pants-shitting terror.

  2. Looks good. Like the kind of thing you’d hope to accidently stumble across on VHS in a rental store. God I miss being able to do that….

  3. I’m glad that you point out some things that are wrong with this movie at the end.

    I’ve tried to criticize this film to people before, and they always jump on my ass.

    YES, it looks beautiful, and I generally like it, but it’s not as brilliant as many insist.

    • I remember thinking it was really great-looking, but I was stunned at what an anti-climax the final “fight” was…

      I need to re-watch; I think knowing how it ends, I can be less hung up on that and just let the mood wash over me.

      • At the time I saw it was so freaked out the whole time I was just happy to see ANY kind of happy ending, if it did happen in the easy horror trope of “just kill the one on head of the team.” At least the tagline kinds of admits the last few minutes are least scary part, so kudos for honest advertising I guess.

        I heard someone say on that Bravo Scariest Movie Moment special Brad mention that the look of Suspira was supposedly inspired by the Walt Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Which I guess is fitting since that movie set the standard for the Disney Animated trope of “just lead the villain to some place on high.”

  4. With all the Italian horror movies you’re covering, are you gonna tackle “Demons” soon?

  5. Nostalgiaoholic87652

    I had a feeling you would cover this movie eventually.

  6. LOOOOOVE this movie, it’s atmosphere takes creepy to a whole new level

  7. Great review Snob, I love this movie 🙂

    I wonder if he will do the second one “Inferno” next?

  8. As far as Fulci vs Argento goes, watch them both cuz they’re both fucking great. So whats next on the giallo list? The House with Laughing Windows? Cemetary Man? Deep Red?

  9. I always preferred Fulci because he scared the shit out of me. There’s a much deeper sense of hopeless dread in his films (by the way, I noticed the poster for “House By The Cemetery last week. Sign of things to come? You HAVE to mention that kid’s annoying ass voice, obviously dubbed by an adult woman mimicking a small boy). I love Argento’s style, but plot-wise, in most of his films, the protagonist has multiple opportunities to tell someone who could help them, usually a cop, what’s going on, and they never mention it. It drives me up the wall. The girl will have just barely escaped someone chasing her, clearly intent on dong her harm, get picked up while running down the road, panic stricken, in nothing but her nightgown, by a COP, and proceed to have a normal conversation about school or how sad she is that one of her friends was brutally murdered, all while being driven back to the same dorm room or apartment she just fled for her life from, not ONCE bringing up the reason why she was running down the street in her pajamas at 3am. In Deep Red and Tenebre, it’s a male protagonist, but he does the same stupid thing. It happens so much, it’s like an Argento trademark, right up there with mixing the score so loud, you can’t hear the dialogue over it.
    I WILL say, Goblin is my favorite band in the world and Argento’s films gave them a chance to really shine in terms of atmosphere and memorable themes. I got to see them in Austin year before last, at the Housecore Festival, playing the soundtrack to Susperia live in front of a projection of the film. It was amazing and they stuck around after to play other classic themes from their gigantic catalogue. One of the greatest experience of my life.

    • Oh god yes, that kid’s annoying whining voice, I love that movie but I will not hate Snob forever if he makes a negative comment about it because seriously, you run into any diehard fan of that movie and they will tell you straight up honestly that boy’s voice from “House By The Cemetery” is the most grating thing they had ever heard.

      I would love to see Brad tackle that one.

  10. Is this movie just noise? Cos that’s all i could hear.

  11. hai Brad, did you see the movie REPULSION (1965) from Roman Polanski ??? thats really getting in your head…seen it once myzelf but I cant forget the madness…

  12. If he’s doing the Italian horror greats (even if Virus is no great thing by any means), maybe he’ll do Bava next. Oh, I wish we could see Snob tackle The Movie With A Thousand Titles, Reazione A Catena (aka Bay Of Blood, aka Twitch Of The Death Nerve (WTF), aka La Baie Sainglante, aka… you get the idea).

  13. Hey! They did that stained-glass window kill in Clock Tower for the SNES
    Not joking, that game is one huge love-letter to Dario Argento movies

  14. I’ve actually been in an Amsterdam Hostel, it was really nice, actually. No terrifying hallways or blue and red rooms filled with horrifying music.

  15. I love Fulci and like Argento but neither hold a candle to Mario Bava.

  16. Fun fact: the currently ongoing anime, Yuri Kuma Arashi, by the surrealist director Kunihiko Ikuhara is borrowing the hallways from this film for effect.

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    good review.Will you be mad at jake cause he tricked you into mentioning you watch that t.v show that you told them you watched. see ya.

  18. What? The Snob reviewing a good movie? Oh, Snob, you silly goof. Get back to your alien porn.

    Though in all honesty this looks like a pretty engaging film. Even the clips were suspenseful. Though there were a few flaws, it was certainly better than the usual fare that gets the Snob treatment.

  19. You might be interested in the anime Yurikuma Arashi, which uses imagery from this movie to a great degree. It doesn’t let up on the weirdness either.

  20. The girl her plays the protagonist in this…wasn’t she in Phantom of the Paradise? It looks like her…

    Also, am I the only one who wants to see Brad tear apart Argento’s Phantom of the Opera?

    • Yep it’s the same actress.
      Apparently she was in Pennies from Heaven too, so KNOW I get that reference. I actually had to did quite a lot of reference checks for this movie. Found out the song lyrics were quoted from Shock Treatment, even though I saw the Cinema Snob review for that one it’s a line I wouldn’t have remember and now I find Jessica was in that movie too! So that’s two for one.

  21. This actually seems like my kind of horror movie, one of the rare ones. Minimal jump scares, heavy atmosphere, and the monster gets shanked in the neck and set on fire at the end. Creepy but some nice catharsis.

  22. I was wondering what was up with those Tequila and Bonetti references…

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