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The only thing that can stop a group of domestic terrorists is Chuck Norris and a dog!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. This is one of those bad movies that airs at least once a month on Encore Family. Why does that channel keep showing mediocre films like that, North, My Brother the Pig, etc.?

  2. When I saw that scene with the guy trying to unite all the racist gangs, all I could think of is the scene in Mystery Men, where Casanova Frankenstein is doing the same thing with the Mobsters, Frat Boys, and other ridiculous gangs ion the movie.

  3. How come THIS got to be released in theaters, but we never got Tequila and Bonetti: the Movie?!

  4. oh, god i remember this movie.
    it ripped off of at least 7 other films, K-9 being one of ’em.
    Norris isn’t really known for original works… (and neither is his brother)


  6. I use to like this movie as a kid, sadly.

  7. I would question a grandma knowing when Hitler’s birthday is.
    I guess Chuck’s family has a mole. And yeah, the garden during this scene probably has one, too.

  8. Modern day Chuck Norris would probably consider this film leftist propaganda.

    • He probably would as Chuck Norris is socially conservative and religiously homophobic and probably white supremecist himself, he may ironically hilarious especially when working with children, villians, a cop dog, and slightly psychotic Chuck Norris preteen fanboys but he’s no friend of mine and never will be, I’m Russian.

  9. Wait, why does Norris have a stunt double? He knows how to fight.

  10. To anyone living in Oklahoma who may be reading this, I feel sorry that this movie was released in such a bad time and taste. And to any domestic terrorists reading this, you people are fuckin’ psychos.

  11. Zoey Posthuman

    I love the total irony of Chuck Norris’ character fighting people that, in real life, Chuck Norris is allied with.

  12. Never knew this movie existed until now, would have been living in Japan when it came out, and it never reached us over there.

  13. That’s too bad about the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing, and the coincidence of it with this movie’s release.

    Good video though.

  14. Love how this seems to be a screenplay that some bitter atheist has written.

    1. when mentioning evil nazi organisations one of them is “church of the creator”. even the actor going trough the names tries to hide that he said it by trying to get the line read over quite quickly!
    2.When there is this big racial unity event they first show pope and then they show a rabbi an then they show a mariachi band. all complete with ridiculous headwear and by showing the to the audience it kinda tries to signify that they are all equally important to the event.
    3. in the end top dog tries to strangle the religious figure aka pope with a piece of popes belt or something.

  15. Nice review and I would give good money to see a movie about Brad and Lloyd fighting Nazi’s

  16. I liked K-9 in that it was a actually good story and it didn’t rely on the gag alot of these movies later on had that were: “Hey this isn’t the usual kind of dog you find in the K-9 Division-hilarity ensues derp de derp!”

    Also, if Brad made a movie where he and Lloyd fight nazis, you know I would slap my hard earned cash down to see that! 😀

  17. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    Your review made me laugh my butt off! Also I think it’s funny you mentioned Rescue 911. I used to watch that with my family back when I was a kid in the 90s. Wish they could somehow bring that back.

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