The Cinema Snob: Xanadu

In the final entry in this year’s Musical March (in September), The Cinema Snob finds out if he’ll Xanado or Xanadon’t!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. This might be the only Cinema Snob review where I’ve actually seen the movie in question before watching the review.

    Good one, had me laughing at many moments.

  2. That’s what they get when they name their movie after the fictional estate of Charles Foster Kane.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think I actually remember the scene where he gos thourgh the wall cause I was watching a tvguide special on top 25 guilty pleasure movies. It’s a good thing you pointed out outfoxed otherwise I really wouldn’t know what bill O Reilly was so mad at this movie review. Glad you posted this today cause that means I got to watch the cinema snob and brad in the same day(so thanks for that and next month do mystic pizza PLZ!!!!).

  4. Forbideen zone. Richard elfman (brother of danny elfman) made a spaced out musical that would fit in great as a review. Danny elfman and the oingo boingo made the music for this masterpiece.

  5. ZOMG! Dr. Goodfellow was Zeus!

  6. I really hate that the auditorium ended up getting torn down in real life.

  7. Well, it did have a sweet soundtrack.

  8. Anybody else trying to picture L on roller-skates? Though if Sonny wanted some advice he should have gone to his wise grandfather Mako.

  9. Ummm….a 3 minute music video as an opening ad that can’t be skipped? Dude…Screenwave sucks balls!

  10. AAAAANNNNDDD……4 to 5 refreshers later….still haven’t got past the 3 minute mark. SCREENWAVE SUCKS! Don’t have this issue playing videos ANYWHERE ELSE!

  11. Sonny kinda looks like Andy Gibb. “Maybe an everlasting love will do.”

  12. inb4 “Nostalgia Chick did it!”

    Nice Death Note reference. Didn’t expect it from you, but I’m guessing you heard about the series when you were married to Jillian, since most anime fans know about it.

    Great way to finish Musical March (in September). The plot to this movie sounds hokey, but hey, at least the soundtrack sounds pretty good. Sucks Gene Kelly’s last film was one that was an inspiration for the Razzies, but alas, his health deteriorated during the last decade of his life.

    Wish we could all find our muse to help us realise our dreams. Alas, this is real life, not a fantasy.

  13. A Patrick reference, dude? Really? Well played….(I obviously was able to finally see the gorram review)

  14. Would you upload it to youtube?

  15. Xanadu is kinda near and fear to me, on the one hand, it has the world’s worst story, on the other, it introduced me to Don Bluth and had a great ELO soundtrack.

    However, I am a cartoonist and graphic artist, and Sonny’s role really bugged me pretty much since the movie came out. What’s his job? Painting BIG versions of record album covers on throw away signage. No! Really! That’s what he does! Because photographically blowing up an image is an impossible technology, you may as well ask to turn lead into gold!

  16. I assume he smacked his head skating into that wall and the rest of the movie is just an hallucination. How else do you explain club goers being perfectly choreographed and having no reaction to dancers teleporting away?

  17. Anyone know how to fix Screenwave not loading?

  18. The only people on this site that I have seen review Xanadu were The Nostalgia Chick (back in 2009) and Linkara (technically, he reviewed the comic adaptation, but still).

    Say what you would about Olivia Newton-John in this movie, but she’s more likable here than she was in Two of a Kind. And the Sonny in this film is without a doubt far superior to the one in Fun in Balloon Land.

    The scene with the flying ripped pieces of paper instantly reminds me of Mary Poppins getting Jane and Michael’s letter.

    4:26- I was actually thinking of The Flash from the DC Universe, but whatever.

    8:13- She could also be a Mortal Kombat Character.

    The robot locomotive looks like a giant version of a dalek from Doctor Who.

    Nice job on using the goofy scene transition for this episode’s commercial bumper.

    14:22- Yeah, 90’s Kid would NOT be into this. Also, I just hope he gets cured from Lord Vyce’s mind control this Halloween.

    Fun fact: As stated in The Nostalgia Chick’s review on this movie, the animated sequence was done by Don Bluth of The Land Before Time, An American Tail, and All Dogs Go To Heaven fame.

    20:28- The Zeus in this movie doesn’t sound a damn thing like Liam Neeson.

    The rollerskating dance in this movie reminds me of an 80’s version of the one from Heaven’s Gate, but the one in this movie is longer and more upbeat.

    25:01- Bill, you are NOT a film critic. You are, in the words of Stephen Colbert, “a fuckin’ egomaniac.” Now, go back to writing your “Killing (insert historical figure’s name here)” series of books, and bitch on your show about the Democrats wanting a better future for our kids. Asshole.

  19. Some time ago it was broadcasted in Germany in the TV series SchleFaZ (The worst movies of all time) hosted by Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten.

  20. I know about this movie, but I don’t know about the guy who played Sonny (literally, I don’t), although casting Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly sounds interesting… By the way, the animated sequence was made by Don Bluth, the man that gave us adventures involving mice.

  21. Fun (and funny) review, thanks!

  22. We showed this at a company I worked at a while back. The only big problem we had with the film was the ending. We all were expecting the connection and budding romance between Danny and Sonny to show at the end. Xanadu opens, the Muses appear to enjoy it, a final farewell to Kira, and then Sonny and Danny find comfort together at having both loved and been left by Kira. Nothing overt, much like the rest of their interactions, but ending with the two mortals together was what everyone was expecting. The ending with random waitress woman seemed like a “cheaper” ending all around.

  23. So if you ever wanted to see loose Greek mythology on speed and painted in neon, it’d be this?

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