The Cinema Snob: Zombie

The Cinema Snob returns for an all new year of fun! So lets start things out with zombies, sharks, splinters, and naked scuba diving!

About thecinemasnob

Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Hm…who else do we know that might get chronologically confused about sequel titles? I wonder…

  2. Great “Inspector theme” reference

  3. That damn barfing bit got me every time. XD Fucking loved the shout to the Interview as well. =)

  4. jaysus, that eye scene was rough.

  5. Ugh,what’s with all the grossout? You’re a self-respecting snob,act like one!

  6. Great review, Brad. Loved the Dawn of the Dead ’78 and ’04 references. Hope you review Devil Fish.

  7. No mention of the reused footage of the guy throwing a molotov cocktail in the same scene?

  8. YAY! I love this movie, I’m so happy to see you reviewed it! I saw it for the first time for my zombie film class and it was the most graphic of the early bunch that we got. My professor showed us the eye scene with the projector and shouted, “If you close your eyes, I’ll fail you!”

  9. Impressed that you sat all mucky-yucky like that through the whole thing, Snob! ^.^ Great continuity!

  10. 10/10 Would still fap.

  11. It’s about time you put a poster on your wall of a movie which I’ve actually scene for a change; no, not Caligula.

    3:19- Nice AVGN joke there. I was thinking the same thing obviously.

    I have never puked at a movie theatre before, but I felt light headed from that scene in Cloverfield where the girl explodes from that bite she got from that parasite.

    These old Itallian horror films know how to look more grose than Anmerican horror films back then.

    12:25- Yeah, a sequence like this, with no use of CGI, would NOT get anyone killed.

    22:34- I’d like to see and hear that happen to Rush Limbaugh.

    Either you, or someone else on the site, should REALLY do a review of Weekend at Bernies 2.

  12. Zombies in New York City? Who’s going to notice the difference?

  13. Aren’t there supposedly, CHUDs, in New York City too?

  14. I have changed 4 times my computer in 3 years…I come back to this site to watch videos…and still I can’t ! ! ! 3 years of waiting and I can’t watch this…back to youtube and hope that someone download it

  15. I gotta remember not to eat my meals while watching Cinema Snob… Not because of the “gross out” gags but from almost choking from laughing so hard.

    Also #damnyoublip

  16. Hi there

    It may have been called: “Voodoo” in Denmark.
    Too bad Mr. Cinema Snob showed the German cover of the film 😉

    Besides from that, the review was excellent as always 🙂

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