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Tamara checks out the new Emma Watson and Tom Hanks movie, The Circle.

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  1. The Bible talks about tracking chips? That’s news to me. And I have a theology degree. I suspect a case of eisegesis.

    The best Marvel movies so far seem to the the ones that encompass multiple genres, and don’t just follow the typical superhero formula. Winter Soldier for example: it’s more of an espionage/conspiracy thriller. Guardians of the Galaxy: space opera. Jessica Jones: noire drama.

    • The Mark of the Beast in Revelation is used for buying and selling and is in or on the hand or forehead. Some people extrapolate that it’s also a tracking chip.

      • The thing is, the concept of a mark on the hand and forehead doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Similar language is used to describe the Passover celebration and the keeping of the Hebrew Law in Exodus and Deuteronomy. It would stand to reason, then, that the reference is to some sort of religious devotion required by law. In St. John’s day, such a decree actually did exist: Caesar Nero had instituted a formal worship of the Emperor. It’s also interesting that an alternate reading of of the Number of the Beast is 616; both numbers have connections to Nero. And contrary to the mark of the beast, there was the mark of the Spirit upon the forehead. My own conclusion – which I realize is a minority in modern exegesis – is that St. John was warning the people of his day concerning events that were already (or about to) play out before them.

        I generally think that modern attempts to read current history into the texts yields less-than-satisfactory understanding of what St. John was trying to communicate, and how his earliest readers would have understood it. To which I would say that the distinct association with something like a tracking chip is far more specific an application than that originally made. Not that something like that couldn’t be the case, but I personally believe the connection with hands and forehead to ancient religious devotions are fairly compelling.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        Actually, you know who’d be perfect to contribute to this conversation? Believe it or not, Mr. Lovecraft (a.k.a., Leeman Kessler). Sure, he plays a nihilist pulp horror writer on TV, but he actually has a theological background. I once heard a podcast in which he joined a couple of book reviewers to discuss Premillennial Dispensationalism as part of a critique of the Left Behind series. Worth checking out if you can. He and his wife also have a podcast in which they discuss nerd culture and theology.

        • I bow to your expertise 🙂 You make me feel a lot better. I was raised to believe a literal Revelation and it kind of screwed me up a little. I’ve come a long way and most of my fears are gone — the Mark of the Beast being one of the few holdovers. What you say makes a LOT of sense.

          We need a summoning ritual for him, haha. And I’m going to look up that podcast cause it sounds right up my alley. Thanks!

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Glad that helped. I always worry that theological discussions will become heated or hostile, and it is refreshing when they are both cordial and helpful.

            Just search “Leeman Kessler Left Behind” and it should take you right to it. Also, look for Geekually Yoked.

  2. Maybe her character doesn’t masturbate. LOL. I would probably go see The Circle if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wasn’t coming out next weekend. Lastly, if there truly is some sort of tracking reason for the Mark, I need to take better notes at church. Haha.

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