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Tamara gives her thoughts on the cult classic, The Crow. Does this film hold up well? Find out now!

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  1. The Crow…this was one of those “Zeitgeist” films of the 90’s with it’s awesome alt-rock, industrial soundtrack and dark-age comic cool. Crank up the Stone Temple Pilots and Nine Inch Nails, grab your black trench coat, and enjoy.

    To me, this represents my recollection of 90s culture more than Baywatch or Michael Bolton…the Crow is unmistakably GEN X.

  2. Alaster Boneman

    I feel that intro was a reference to something but I cant place it

  3. One of my absolute favorite films. So quotable. Love the cop. The book is amazing too. The first comic I ever bought for myself, at Comic Con.

    I like it so much I even like the first sequel by association.

    He lost his powers because he killed the dudes who killed him. Top Dollar didn’t kill him directly like the others did. Yeah, I know you don’t read the comments, but whatevs.

    For some stupid reason, “Look what you’ve done to my sheets” cracks me up.

    • You’re close on the reason that he lost his powers (and he didn’t technically lose all of them, as he used the empathic memory touch to kill Top Dollar), but according to everything I’ve ever read from the people that made the movie it was the fact that he made the decision to save the living, instead of avenging the dead. It’s a minor difference as shown in the movie, but if things had gone differently, say they killed Sarah to get his attention instead of kidnapping her, then he would have had his powers for that final fight.

    • I’ve always liked,

      “Tin Tin got himself perished.”


    • Wait WHAT?! I always assumed he lost his powers because his crow got shot.

  4. It wasn’t brandon Lees first movie, he was actually fairly popular in the Hong Kong King Fu movie scene for a while, but The Crow was his first major movie role.

    The sequels are, in fact, very bad. The 4th one though is worth a watch just for being so over the top bad ( and having David Boreanaez playing the Devil)
    DO read the original comic book by James O’Barr though. I’d reccomend the delux anniversary edition that came out like Last year as its got quite a bit more art.

    • I just don’t think the second one is /that/ bad. The aesthetic is pretty great. I like the set-up of why the dude comes back. I have a high tolerance for not-great goth movies, though.

  5. Yeah this movie’s so fucking cool, it’s one of those films that could never be replicated today because it’s just such a product of the time it was released. Among many awesome sequences I think it has one of the best bad guy deaths ever. It doesn’t get much more epic than falling off a cathedral roof, being impaled by a spire, and your blood trickling out of a gargoyle’s mouth.

    • I agree. There are some very cool movies now…but not this specific kind of genuinely atmospheric Gothic surrealist fantasy.

      The 90’s was such a decade of contrast, we had some of the cheeziest pop culture of all time, and yet some of the most mind-blowing and artistic subculture just below that.

  6. Wait, people were confused by the power loss thing? I thought it was obvious. He lost his powers because they shot the crow. They even spell it out for you: “The crow is his link between the land of the living and the realm of the dead…kill the bird, and destroy the man.”

    I first saw this when I was about eight, being babysat by my big brother. He’s that special blend of awesome and neglectful that led to me seeing a lot of movies I was far too young for. Our mom would’ve had an aneurysm if she knew I had seen Silence of the Lambs before I even hit puberty.

  7. Galaxy Quest!

  8. Don’t just listen to the soundtrack. You need to also find the score. It’s beautiful and Graeme Revell did a very good job with it. It’s a pretty perfect compliment to the sountrack.

  9. I got to meet Ernie Hudson at the first Awesome Con I went to, and we spoke a bit about this movie. Great a guy in person as he is an actor.

  10. I love your outfit but not so much your new intro. Also, yep, I’ve never seen The Crow either. I didn’t know the main guy died though. R.I.P. O.O Lastly, did anyone see the bug on Tamara’s wall at like 7:00? LOL.

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