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The final part of Nolan’s trilogy didn’t impress the Critic when it came out. Ten years later has time healed any of the wounds? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Dark Knight Rises.

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  1. I get a lot of flak for this, but I just think Bane is a really lame villain.

    The video game Arkham Origins came out close to this movie. They made Bane the main villain, possibly to cash in on the expected hype. The game was a prequel, and it had a throw away mention that his venom (super strength drug) causes slow progressive brain damage. This must have been an attempt to explain why he was just the Joker’s sap in the older games which took place after ‘origins.’

    He’s written inconsistently. Fans insist he’s a genius, but they have to cherry pick which books portray him that way, he’s just as, or more often written as being an idiot.. Which in fairness, is true of a lot of Batman characters. To me he’s just a guy who gets super-strength by using drugs, and dresses like a Mexican wrestler. In Batman Beyond, venom became a street drug. That was interesting.

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