The Driv3rGate Scandal: The Full Story – Fact Hunt Special

The Driv3rGate scandal was one of the first video game controversies to hit the internet, Despite being buried and largly deleted, Guru Larry manages to uncover one of gaming biggest scandals in this very special episode.

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  1. Now-a-days releasing unfinished crap like this seems to be the common practice of many major game publishers. “Release and maybe fix later “

  2. Atari is one of the shittiest game developers of the 21st Century, they are famous for pulling this shyte and have done so with a few other games that I liked or wanted to like. Axis and Allies was released completely unplayable for the PC, and even with the official patch the game crashes 50% of the time.

    Star Trek Online was saved by Atari going bankrupt and selling it, they “rushed” it out to capitalize on the Star Trek (2009) movie. They managed it 10 months later and of course the game was unplayable at launch. It took almost a year to get the game stable, and then they decided to halt all development whilst they shopped the game around for a buyer, which almost killed it too.

    It seems like with Driv3rgate although Atari’s usual antics were the instigator; Future being the ones responsible for the crooked reviews. But the really terrible damage control is they type of shit only Atari could do. What an awful company!

    By the way, I never heard of any of this when it happened, I was happily having some hot coffee in San Andreas, so thanks for compiling all this, Larry (and Stu)!

    PS. What the fuck, that infrograms song made me laugh and throw up at the same time.

    • I strongly disagree on the point of Axis and Allies. I never had any problems running it, and I thought it was great. The strategic mode was nicely streamlined, the RTS combat was solid, if a little unbalanced, and each side, while they played similar to one another, had its own strengths and weaknesses, which could be augmented by selecting different historical generals as your supreme commander. I got it for $5 from the bargain bin at a Best Buy and consider it one PC gaming’s hidden gems. The Axis campaign mode provides an amazing alternate history to the war, instead of the crap that Battlefield 1942 pulls. My only real complaint about the game is that the AI is dumb as hell in strategic mode, so the Soviet Union almost invariably loses their capital at the start of the game, forcing you to scramble to defend the UK if you’re the allies.

  3. Microsoft, Atari, Konami. They have 1 thing in common.

    They want the money in your wallet; but not satisfaction. Lets hope they don’t combine into 1 buisness one day.

  4. Great video guys! I never knew the backstory behind Driv3r until now…

    I played the heck out of Driv3r when I got it for the PS2, and yes it did feel unfinished and very glitchy. Many missions wound up being nigh impossible and it took a very long time to actually finish. I found myself sucked into the story and really wanting to beat a level just to see what happened next. I loved the very cinematic feel that all the cutscenes had with big names on the voice acting, but even more than that was the soundtrack.

    Driv3r has a terrific soundtrack that remains a staple of my playlists. I would recommend it to anyone looking to experience the spirit of what the game was reaching for without having to play it. There are intros and outros by Madsen on many tracks and the song selection is perfect for any driving experience, real or simulated. It really is too bad it’s paired with such a flawed game.

    Again, bravo fellas!

  5. In an alternate universe where they just finished the game and then let the chips fall where they may regarding reviews, maybe Driver 6 would be coming out next year.

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