The Emoji Movie – Nostalgia Critic

It’s one of the most hated films of recent years, and after so many requests, Nostalgia Critic is finally gonna take a look at this hunk of poop emoji.

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  1. Tenko the bored otaku

    Instead of people bitching about him making videos, how about people just leave. Nothing sends a better message.

    • I think the fact you’re the only one who’s left a comment pretty much says that everyone has left… I”m just here to watch the channel burn…

      • Tenko the bored otaku

        There are some people here. I’m not watching anymore videos until he personally addresses this situation. Doug, we know you’re reading the comments, we would really like to know your honest thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree with your former co-workers, it would be nice to have closure.

      • TheKnifewieldingTonberry

        Same. Just watching the Channel burn and enjoying the shit show.

      • I mean, it’s also the fact that more and more people are losing access to their accounts. I had to password reset just to be able to post this, and most people aren’t going to bother jumping through the hoops to do so.

  2. You know the difference between the “EMOJI” movie and you Doug? At least as bad as it is….they’re making money on it..

  3. Still no apology


  4. I just use adblock…. No ad revenue from me…

  5. Maybe he’ll quit after the Third Scooby Do? Like the first

  6. Please review Dangerously Close from 1986! It’s my most hated film period!

  7. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    You could’ve had a loooot more people excited for this review if you hadn’t burned bridges with colleagues and 160,000+ YouTube subscribers

  8. I’m just going to ignore the elephant in the room. Also, you asked, “Who needs breadstick emojis?” Probably Olive Garden enthusiasts?

  9. Something fitting about Walker reviewing one of the more hated and reviled movies in modern times, at this junction in time. I honestly don’t even watch these fucking things. I just come on every few days to see how much further the trash fire has grow out of control until it finally dies to hunk of charred garbage.

  10. My unpopular opinion is that behind the scenes drama that doesn’t involve me in any way isn’t important as long as one of my favourite content creators still produces vids. Anyways, I’ve never seen this movie, have no intention to ever, and am thankful my curiosity has been sated without actually requiring me to have checked out this hated film. My response is, meh.

  11. How is this film nostalgic? The Emojis as a way of expressing ourselves are not that old, this movie came out last year, even the studio making it is very recent. So why reviewing it as the Nostalgia Critic?

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Maybe watch the video. He explains/justifies. Also, emojis are just an evolution of emoticons

      • Indeed. I wrote that before watching the video. Sorry, I made a mistake, and will be more careful in the future.

        Wow, apologising for a mistake is surprisingly easy. Ahem… (;◔ิз◔ิ)~♪♬

        • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

          Tee hee. Also keep in mind he did Norm of the North last year (which is probably more justified because it’s a pathetic attempt to do a Rob Schneider vehicle in the year 2016. Not quite nostalgia, but definitely time-displaced affection by executives)The show came back with The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and later did non-IP tied films like Jupiter Ascending and Devil, based on the fallen graces of the Wachowski Sisters and M. Night Shyamalan (Devil was only 5 at the time of review). He also did Sharknado (another brilliant Michaud decision /sarcasm; the film was more Day After Tomorrow than Friday the 13th, not befitting Nostalgiaween). And there are other examples (I think), but I think this is enough for now off the top of my head

  12. you want a challenge nostalgia critic ? I challenge you to review shape of water.

  13. You mean “The Emoji Movie” Sucked…..? NNOOOOOOO!!!!! I don’t believe you.. I mean really? This is like the perfect review to encapsulate everything wrong with CA.. Review a shit movie that is so fucking bad it’s too easy. I’d rather see the actual movie than watch your dumb ass screaming about how bad it is..

  14. Please do homeward bound 1 or 2

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