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Tamara and Cody check out The Emoji Movie. Who asked for this movie to be made?

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  1. A pox on Sony for not making the Popeye movie, and instead making this corporate rubbish.

    • Strangefacts101

      They’re still working on the Popeye movie. They delayed it because they replaced writers. Please do your research

      • There’s been no news of the Popeye movie since 2015, when Genndy Tartakovsky left the project, the only “development” was in January 2016, that T.J Fixman is writing the movie. Since then there has been nothing.
        Please do YOUR research, and don’t be so fucking rude next time.

  2. I would SOOO NOT waste good hard earned money on what was no more than a corporate cash cow. Seriously, I’ve read BLOGS by people who could have put together a better screenplay. LIVES could be saved if the money, used to make that drek would be donated to feeding and housing the homeless, helping to cure diseases…

    Tamara and Cody, you guys were so brave to even sit in the theater. Though, yeah, if you know it’s crap at the outset, it’s borderline tolerable. Me? Had I been forced to see this flic, I’d likely end up just watching my youtube channel the whole time. Nostalgia Critic reviews are more entertaining than some of the stuff you poor souls have been forced to watch.

  3. This is it. Sony has officially become the Hollywood equivalent to Konami.

  4. lilith_ascennding

    Because I was curious, I went and looked up Troll 2, The Room, Birdemic, and Foodfight on Rotten Tomatoes to compare their scores to The Emojii Movie. Here’s how these four famously bad movies compare to the most recent trainwreck:

    -Troll 2: 6%
    -The Room: 32%
    -Birdemic: 19%
    -Foodfight: Didn’t have a Tomato-meter rating, so it’s possible that this film might be ranked lower than The Emojii Movie.

    Still, the evidence is pretty clear that for three out of the four famously “so bad it’s good” films to practically wipe the floor with The Emojii Movie’s rating (except for Troll 2, who only scraped by with a 3% difference), The Emojii Movie must be exceptionally bad.

  5. Judging by The Emoji movie reviews, I owe Boss Baby an apology as well. At least I laughed at a few lines when I took my mom. I doubt I’d laugh with this movie at all.

  6. Based on what I’m seeing and reading, The Emoji Movie doesn’t even seem to be entertainingly bad. It’s just bad. Don’t even encourage Sony by going to see this movie ironically. If this makes money, the studio will make a sequel. That’s what I think happened with The Nut Job and Boss Baby.

  7. So not the next Lego movie than .

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