The First Modern Survival Horror Game? – GYCW Halloween Special III

Guru Larry returns with his Third Games Yanks Can’t Wank Halloween Special. This time he looks at quite possibly the first modern & most original survival horror games of all time! It’s also a pretty awesome game to boot!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    First comment interesting. Anyways good episode this s the first Halloween episode I’ve watched(I believe not sure) but it’s pretty interesting hearing about a game that isin’t even out in my country(which sucks cause it looks like a pretty cool ga,e) but at least they released it on the commodore 64(in america I’m not sure)!!!
    Anyways on a side note,love that you have more patreon supporters(without even making a video about your patreon so good job:)

  2. Great Escape was one of my of my favorite C64 games. It took some major groupthink to figure out what was the exact way to finish it, as far as I remember, and it took us months to finally beat it. Ah, great times.. before internet ruined the magic of cryptic video games for everyone.

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