The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas – Nostalgia Critic

Did you ever want to know how Fred and Wilma met? Of course not, nobody cares, but here it is anyway in the most pointless of prequels. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

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  1. YES! I recently saw your first Flinstones video again so this is perfect timing. This is what I wanted you to review the most since you already reviewed Tentacolino. Oh happy days. Although, Snow Dogs wasn’t that bad.

  2. they all look stoned (ba dum bum)

  3. CommanderZander

    The only “buzz” kill in this otherwise hilarious review were the Moviesquitos. They weren’t really that necessary. Like I said the review itself was hilarious and was vintage Nostalgia Critic at his finest.

  4. Strangefacts101

    I thought those mosquitos were referring to the movie, “The Pest”

  5. I can not believe the bad pun on Maserati, they drove off on a maserocki. Maserati should sue the shit out of this movie for something. anything

  6. Wow didn’t know this existed.

  7. Hang on, the he’ll happened to Suicide Squad?

  8. “What do we have to rub?”

    “Well now I have no choice!”

    Easily one of the best Nostalgia Critic jokes I’ve seen in a while.

  9. I take it back. This is easily one of the best EPISODES I’ve seen in a while. Some really funny stuff here.

  10. Is this… Is this just a bad Saturday Night Live skit that’s two hours long? Man this just looks and sounds awful. When the hell was this trash made?

    Also why all the Rosie ODonnell hate? WTF?

    • He doesn’t hate her. What, making a joke about someone is necessarily hating them?

      Besides, he’s right in saying that O’Donnell was awful in the first Flintstones movie. She’s usually not a bad actress. But that was a case of bad casting.

  11. The Virtual Jim

    I thought the first movie was so much fun, and the actors all did a great job at portraying the classic characters. And the B-52s (BC-52’s, lol) were a neat touch too.

    This sequel, or ‘prequel’ however, was just a useless mess.

  12. I don’t remember the original Moviesquitos gag, but it’s clearly from when Rachel was part of the cast. I think the biggest thing that bothered me in the footage shown in this review is that there’s somehow a prehistoric England…actually, that should predate the prehistoric US, come to think of it.

  13. So you question them knowing what glass is in the stone age but not how Barney knows what a Genie is?

  14. The Mysterious M

    Well… vidme sucks. I’ll just wait for the youtube release

    • The Mysterious M

      Update: I checked out the Vidme site. It works really well. I’m only having problems when videos are embedded on other sites (such as Channel Awesome)

  15. Honore de Ballsack

    if you want to see Alan Cumming in a funny movie with cool costumes and great songs go watch Reefer Madness: the Musical.

  16. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I don’t like the show itself myself.

  17. Wow a prequel to. a movie you reviewed way back then!? Wow we’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel aren’t we Doug
    (I don think mean that insultingly)
    But is the next review suicide squad!?
    Oh and you probably don’t me remember me from C2E2

  18. I really did not know this movie existed
    This movie is meh nothing special but watchable
    I don’t get it why is Barnie in this movie so stupid if in the other movie he is really smart and in the cartoon he was a bit naive but he wasn’t dumb
    The sled dogs with a tooth doctor is a nice movie
    Day old time

    • Well, you completely missed that joke. The line is and always has been “GAY old time” because when The Flintstones debuted in 1960, gay meant happy. The word didn’t become associated with homosexuality until decades later.

  19. MiscellaneousSoup

    The DC Comics Flintstones comic is pretty good. I’ve been writing reviews of it and I even got to interview the writer.

  20. It wasn’t just Titanic. They used that plot in The Great Muppet Caper as well.

    • MightyDavidson

      The difference is, it made sense in The Great Muppet Caper. The villain wooed Miss Piggy specifically to frame her for the robberies he committed. If he didn’t frame her, his entire plan would’ve been ruined.

  21. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Aw yeah, first Fanime ad baby! So hyped! X3

  22. It seems to be my destiny to always butt heads with the majority. So I have to be the one to say, that you are too hard on this movie. It was never supposed to be an Oscar-sweeping cinematic masterpiece. It was only meant to be a cute almost cartoony movie, and I guess that they might have had kids as their main target audience. But I see again and again how people are hard on movies, which were not meant to be taken seriously in the first place. So I have to remind you that the world is big enough for silly and cheesy movies to exist as well. And I seriously liked this movie when I saw it years ago.

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