The Force Awakens Review Trailer – Nostalgia Critic

A sneak peek at our upcoming review next week. Enjoy, The Force Awakens Review Trailer!

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12


    • Doug and Rob are dumb cunts because they think clipless reviews get more views because of them.


      I can just imagine Doug readng the box office,
      “Rob,i just got “”inspired””!”

      or maybe everytime the phrase “Record Breaking Box Office” shows up online a siren goes off at CA and Doug gets to work on a new clipless review


      • OK, so question: When should a REVIEWER review a movie?

        No, really, I want to know what goes through your head.

        Doug and Rob do this for a living, of course they are going to try to get the best time to review something, they need to make money to pay for these reviews and to pay their bills. If the idea that someone needs to feed themselves and are not just doing it for your entertainment offenses you, I’d suggest you try to make money on reviewing, see how you do.

        Secondly, they do clipless reviews, because they don’t want to get sued by Disney or any other company for using the owned images in a product that makes them money. if you want to blame anyone for the clipless reviews, blame the FCC for the laws regarding free use.

        You are free to think whatever you want, but I suggest finding out what your talking about before you open your obviously uneducated vulgar mouth.

        • But…isn’t he supposed to be reviewing BAD movies? From what I’ve been hearing this movie is fantastic!

          Besides, this is like the 4th time he’s doing this! It’s too much like Demo Reel! He’s the NOSTALGIA CRITIC!

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            He didn’t like Jurassic world(from what I remember).

          • Even back in the old days, there was nothing that said he could only do bad movies, it’s just that reviews of bad movies where the most popular, because people love tearing into something they hate, also, it’s easy.

            It’s a lot harder to defend something you love, especially when all the trolls are just waiting to tear you apart if you don’t agree with them.

          • … And Star Wars isn’t nostalgic? From what I can see, this seems to fit since the new movie is trying to capture the nostalgia of the original trilogy while bringing its own thing to the table. Doug and crew can’t do something that touches on what makes the franchise nostalgic for those who grew up with it, for the fans and what makes it so strong?

          • In regards to Doug being the Nostalgia Critic, here is one of my posts from lower down the comment slide, that I decided to repost here as an answer:

            “In case you missed it, when he did “the show must go on” video after stopping demo reel and coming back as the NC, he said he would be reviewing stuff outside his ‘timeline’ in an effort to be fresh and so he wouldn’t go mad. Doug decided to break out of the nostalgia thing occasionally so he doesn’t get bored and stop completely.

            If you’re really so stuck on a name, a label, that you can’t bring yourself to look past it and maybe start enjoying it for what it is, not what you ‘think’ it is, then maybe just stop watching and stop commenting. I know some of us would appreciate that.”

            Keep in mind I was responding to someone specific at the time, but I think the general message of the post is still relevant.

          • Yeah, he hasn’t done much nostalgic stuff lately. I can understand, now there are more bills to pay therefor selling out is a necessity. the Editorials seem to be where the “nostalgia” part of the nostalgia critic seems to be strongest.

            by the way…a trailer for a review..tacky as fuck Doug.. its stupid when Oliver Harper does it, its stupid here.

          • Fantastic? This movie is terrible and shits all over A: the story of Jaina and Jacen Solo, being a retread of those novels, B: the original trilogy, by ripping off so many plot elements, and C: The Dark Side in general with a pissy four year old.

          • Star Wars is as nostalgic as it gets. Nostalgia Critic does not go along with what everyone is saying. Sometimes he agrees, sometimes he doesn’t. Bridge to Terabithia is beloved by many as an artistic modern classic. Nostalgia Critic almost gave a scathing review of it, finding it overrated and often incoherent.

        • Well, another reason they’re clipless is because there is no way they get good footage of movies still in theaters. Plus, in “The Review Must Go On” didn’t he say he wouldn’t touch stuff in the theaters? Besides the fact that it is rather pointless with Bum Reviewers and Sibling Rivalry.

      • So…are they “unoriginal cocksuckers” because they don’t use a magnifying glass and tweezers like the other “boys” that service you do?

      • But the charts say. They’ve officially become Analyst ! and 2. Not gonna watch the preview or the video.

      • The Cartoon Physicist

        And remember, this is going to be like the Mad Max review, a retrospective of the previous movies as well as the current one. That sounds pretty nostalgic to me.

      • Why don’t you stfu with the hater screaming? Jealous because YOU didn’t think of an easy way to make money and they did? Get off your whiny useless ass and do something with your life! You think there’s such thing as an HONEST original way to make money? Look at hollywood,! Look at TV! look at YouTube! Look at the music industry! Everybody does this! So enjoy it or make a plan to live off grid and detatch from society because it’ll never be the utopia of original entertainment you’re imagining in your delusional head! It’s effing 2016 (almost) TELL ME. WHAT IS NOT COPIED AT THIS POINT!!!!

        • 1. Calm down.

          2. I hardly think that this is an easy way to make money.

          3. Yes, there is such a thing as an honest way to make money. It’s called getting an actual job.


        Isn’t the entire concept of reviewing other people’s work for money “cashing in on someone else’s idea”?

        And aren’t videos which use clips from said work even more unethical, since a hefty portion of the review relies on audio/video footage that someone else took?

        So aren’t these clipless “reviews” (or “parodies”, if you want to be even more precise) actually a move in the opposite direction from what you are accusing Doug of?

        Stop acting overprivilged and stop painting something as unethical just because it doesn’t suit your personal preferences.

      • all of you are missing the point… this little series of reviewing new films is about the side characters, yeah,. those guys you see once or twice per normal review… now is their spot light… they are funny and i love watching them, i dont care about movie, because, they are just spoofing it

        i know it started because of the clicks and the copyrights, but stop complaining about not being a old movie / bad movie. if you dont want to watching, just dont, wait a little longer and get a normal review, or rewatch some of the old material.

        there a lot of effort in making this kind of review, the costumes, the editing, the scrips, the multiple shots… and they are made based in nostalgic franchises… is not just any movie, is something special.

    • Personally, I would prefer wait until the DVD release to see this review in order to have some clips from the film.

    • I’m gona try and not sound too negative, but I have been a fan since 2007, almost 9 years now. I know Doug has to tweak ideas, but when those Ideas are used with the NC character it is not good.

      Doug & Rob, create a new character to do the skits. Don’t use the NC to do them. Its killing the character. Keep the skits separate. This site relies on the NC, if the NC dies im sure 80% of the people will not view the site & the youtube channel. I will be one of those people if the NC just becomes nothing other than a tool to get views on other projects.

      Demo reel didnt work because its not fun watching other people put on a play, its truly not fun watching it. the reason it works for AVGN is because he is telling a story that doesnt exist, its not a parody, its a story. Your skits are like school plays. fun for the kids to take part in, misery for the parents watching it.

      Even is some movies cant have clips shown cos of copyright issues, just do a sit down and talk about the movie. I would rather listen to a 45 minute conversation about a movie than watch a skit. you are killing NC. the WWW is already fickle enough, people will stop watching the videos.

  2. Ummmm, isn’t this a little too soon, Doug?

    • I gotta say Malcolm and Tamara are so PERFECT for their Finn and Rey roles and Brad makes a funny Han Solo.

      I’m calling it now, but I think Spoony is going to be Kylo Ren since he has the long hair like Adam Driver and all.

      I’m a little hesitant to be more excited for this review since there’s going to be a ton of people who still haven’t seen the film yet and the review is coming in so soon.

      Regardless, happy 300th next week.

  3. Welp….that’s another week to skip since I’ve been passing on the editorials. Maybe a lower view count will dissuade clipless reviews of current movies that aren’t Bum Reviews.

    • What lower view count? All of this clipless reviews are as popular as normal ones, sometimes even more popular. Sure, they have more dislikes, but also approximately as many likes as those with clips.

      • But I didn’t like people LIKED Demo Reel before, which is why he went back to Nostalgia Critic!

      • That’s probably out of curiosity. Clicking on the video registers a viewing but it doesn’t say whether they bugged out after a few seconds once it hit them. I was especially mad at the Hocus Pocus one because it’d been so long since I saw it I couldn’t put any of the references together. The cop joke especially and if it weren’t for me recently watching the Spell On You scene beforehand by coincidence, the jibberish lyrics they mocked would definitely have been lost on me.

        But let’s look at another thing, Doug went through Jurassic World trashing the effects but provided no visual backing to fully make his argument like clips or even stills a la the Mad Max video (which was more editorial than review). And by not waiting for home video, we’re at the mercy of his shitty memory (and no-effort research) to get facts and research squared away so he doesn’t talk out of his ass about something as he’s done before.

        • You know why he didn’t include clips because everyone who included clips from just the Trailers and many other videos that included clips have been hit with Copy-write violations, he is doing this because he HAS TO to keep the studios from pulling them down or stealing all of Doug’s Money.

          • Yeah……thank you for pointing out something all of us already knew. He explained it at the start of the JW episode. Also not a fan of him doing films still in theaters either. He can wait.

            And how does that pertain to Hocus Pocus when that film has been out for so long dozens upon dozens of people have reviewed it problem free with clips unlike these new films?

  4. Well, at least you went more than a month without making another clipless review this time… well, and you actually warned us in advance this time. Hopefully it’ll be more like the first 2, which I actually enjoyed and felt more like reviews and less like sketches where only 5-10% of it consisted of actual criticism and there was no plot summary to give audiences an idea of where the complaints were coming from.

    • I think most people are missing the point of these clipless reviews. everyone says it’s just sketches and no criticism or commentary. They have commentary, apparently most people simply can’t see it under the jokes. I for one am able to see the criticism in the jokes, and the humor in the criticism. Seriously, I think a lot of people who hate these reviews simply aren’t getting it. If you love something, you need to be able to see the silliness in it.

      For the sake of arguement, lets say I’m wrong(most of you will say that anyway, cause you have to be right, not matter what, am I right?), Then what is your problem with the clipless reviews? You say there is no criticism or analysis. The old NC reviews had less analysis then these clipless reviews, they where just screaming at silly things. Do you hate them cause you don’t get to see clips of the movies? why? He’s recreating scenes using creatively and humor, in an effort to be entertaining. If you want the movie clips, go see the movie. If you using these reviews to determine what to spend your money to see, use your common sense to figure what what Doug is saying and determine for yourself to see it or not. You have a brain, you know what you like, use it.

      TL;DR version: watch the review if you want, don’t if you want, use your brain.

      Get used to things changing, nothing stays the same, and thank god for that, cause it if did stay the same, we’d all still be watching black and white variety shows with childish clean humor.

  5. Come the fuck on.

  6. If this will be like your Mad Max review, I’m all for it. If it’s like Hocus Pocus, then no thanks. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel.

  7. Could be worse… And hey, SnoBum’s not dead!

  8. Really??? Really…

  9. *Facepalm.
    I have a bad feeling about this…

  10. I have come to the conclusion that Brad just really wants to become Harrison Ford.

  11. Holy crap! It’s already 300 episodes?

  12. So you’re not even gonna let the dust settle? Okay whatever, I’m sure it’ll be great. Just please, for the love of god, you and Brad better keep the whips away from Santa Christ or I’ll play the Doug Theme Song on repeat for 48 hours over the entire Chicagoland Area.

  13. The Nostalgia Critic: Demo Reel in disguise

    • EXACTLY!!! We don’t want Demo Reel, we want Nostalgia Critic!

      If he REALLY doesn’t have any Christmas Specials to review, I can give him some! Rudolph And Frosty’s Christmas In July, The Leprican’s Christmas Gold, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, Twas The Night Before Christmas?

      • Speak for yourself. The clip less reviews tend to be pretty damn funny and have plenty of commentary. They ARE Nostalgia critic shows. The fact that they also bring something from Demo Reel is just a good thing.

      • That’s the thing though, Doug wanted to end the Nostalgia Critic three years ago. He wanted to be able to do something that would allow him to flex his creative muscles more than the standard NC format would allow. Now he’s found a way to do that while still getting the views he needs. So long as that continues to be the case he’s got no reason to stop, no matter how much some of his fans may complain.

  14. 95% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Just saying.

  15. TheRealCanadianGuy

    Another clipless review of a movie that’s still in theaters? Yeah, I think I’m going to pass. Can we start calling you “Critic” now? Reviewing a movie that hasn’t even been our for a week is hardly nostalgic.

    The only one of these reviews that was remotely enjoyable was the Pixels one.

    • This one actually can connect to the nostalgia part of his name, it is a nostalgic franchise with a huge fanbase. Personally I don’t have an issue with the clipless reviews.

      • TheRealCanadianGuy

        I get that Star Wars itself is Nostalgic – I grew up with the movies as well – it’s the fact that the movie hasn’t even been in theaters for a week is what I have an issue with. That’s barely any time to process the movie. We’ve already had a Sibling Rivalry and a Disneycember on it. This feels like it should have been a Doug Walker vlog, not the 300th episode of the Nostalgia Critic. The 300th episode should have gone to a shitty nostalgic movie from the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s that got a ton of requests, not something that was released a couple of days ago.

        I dislike the clipless reviews with the exception of Pixels. That one had much more insight and creative material than Doug hammering his opinion down on us like in the Jurassic World “review”.

        It’s great if you like the clipless reviews, but they’re not for everyone. Most NC fans seem to be evenly split on them.

        • Technically by the time his review comes out, it’ll be in theaters for 3 weeks, but I get what you’re sayin…

          And it’s not 300th, it’s the 299th. The NEXT one will be 300.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      So he wasn’t The Nostalgia Critic any of the times he reviewed Transformers films while they were still in theaters?


    I’m not usually a fan of these type of reviews so I don’t know if I’m gonna even watch it.

  17. So no editorial this week?
    You’re really starting to piss me off now

  18. Stop doing clip-less reviews!!!! You’re also defeating the purpose of being called the “Nostalgia” Critic by doing reviews of movies that are STILL IN THEATERS!!!

    • How about not watching them, then?

      • Good god, that reply never gets old.

        We of this view are entitled to our opinions. Many/most of us have been watching the Nostalgia Critic for years now, and enjoy the Nostalgia Critic for what he is… was. Should we just pretend we like it to keep twats like you happy?

        No. I for one will not be watching it. I will be commenting to say how disappointed I am that he continues with the rather unfunny clipless and non-nostalgic episodes. I do not feel entitled to anything, Doug can do as he likes. But as a fan of many years, I am going to express why he is losing people like myself.

        If you’ve got a problem with that you can just fuck off.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      It counts since star wars was in the 80s and its essentially part of his childhood!!!

    • In case you missed it, when he did “the show must go on” video after stopping demo reel and coming back as the NC, he said he would be reviewing stuff outside his ‘timeline’ in an effort to be fresh and so he wouldn’t go mad. Doug decided to break out of the nostalgia thing occasionally so he doesn’t get bored and stop completely.

      If you’re really so stuck on a name, a label, that you can’t bring yourself to look past it and maybe start enjoying it for what it is, not what you ‘think’ it is, then maybe just stop watching and stop commenting. I know some of us would appreciate that.

      • From that same part of that same video;

        “I won’t be reviewing anything still in theaters”

        • Things change, get a helmet.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Yeah besides change is good for people wesleyfox

          • “Get a helmet.” Yeah, really?? Doug can’t possibily be pointed out to be a hypocrite, therefor you’re allowed to be a condescending prick towards anyone else who challenges your blind fanboyism, which makes them an autotard. Of course. Pure. Genius.

          • If you are so upset at other people for being mean, why do you think you get to be a prick?

            He said one thing and is doing another. That’s called lying. And it’s a legitimate complaint.

            I don’t get to say “I’ll help you move” but then not show up and say “things change.” If he wants to change things, he should have said something.

  19. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I know this movie is in theaters already but I believe most people have seen the movie so good timing I guess and I totally believe that spoony is gonna be kylo ren(I mean you can’t deny it theyboth have long hair). Regardless,I thought your 300th episode would have been next year but its cool that its this year and it can be an end of the new year. As for all the haters,screw you,quit all your whining,and I’m glad this is on the first page since I have a phone and it plays screenwave great 🙂

  20. Oh fuck no, another “we recreate movie for you” review. Doug, please stop. I know that it is very profitable to review movies that are in the cener of attention right now, but you aren’t good at it.

    • Then please, explain how he could get better at it, I’m sure he’d like to know.

      • Exactly. Some constructive criticism is definitely good, instead of simply whining about “oh you’re doing a review with a movie still in theatre” or “why can’t you show some clips instead of acting it out,” maybe some people can add their thoughts and see if there’s something to strike up a balance between clips and clipless stuff. Something that could be both safe for here and on YT.

        Then again, this is the Internet. People will always complain about something, same with this comment. Although I do want to see Doug and crew improve.

      • We’ve already told him. I told him to stop making fun of the fans of stuff he doesn’t like. Others have told him to stop making these clipless reviews that leave people who haven’t seen the movie out in the dust.

        What Doug appears to be doing with these reviews is trading being good with capitalizing on trends. He gets more viewers, but alienates existing ones.

        He pretends to be this nice guy who cares about other people, but his actions show otherwise. He’ll shove everyone under the bus for more views.

        • Wow. Someone fancies himself mighty important I see. Doing these reviews despite being told by YOU that they are bad makes him a bad guy? Really? Get over yourself will you? The only ones he “allienates” with these reviews are weak fucks who can’t stand a different format every now and then. Good riddance.

        • Yeah, how dare someone make a video for fun on the Internet, while earning a livelyhood… BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!!! HANG THE DISSENTER FROM HIS UNCLEAN, CLIP-LESS HANDS!!!

        • trlkly, I’m a NC fan and while I have not around since Doug started NC; I have seen all of the NC episodes, demo real… etc. You know what, I really like these clipless/parody reviews. The NC has has reviewed things that I am a fan of, and I still enjoy these reviews… to get to the point no one is forcing anyone to watch any of this. Looking at these comments I’m almost positive that Doug doesn’t read the majority of them as it would take up a huge chunk of his time to read through hundreds of comments.

  21. I miss the old style of the reviews. With so many parody videos available online, I really don’t need to see another critic creating them. I like when it is the Critic vs the movie. One on one. Wit and insight vs mindless flicks.

  22. I made only an account for this comment. Stop the hate.
    When you don’t want this form of review then don’t watch it. Go away. I watch the Critic for yoears now and I’m glad that he is evolving an changes his style. When you don’t, then OK, stop watching.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Thank you even though its not a type of review you like you need to stop watching it and I think these reviews are a great way of branching out his style(and more reasons for them to use all those costumes Jim Jarosz keeps on making or just isint used at all).

    • TheRealCanadianGuy

      So we should go away if we don’t like something Doug does? Nice to know dissenting opinions aren’t allowed around here.

      Doug can do whatever he wants – ultimately it’s his show – but it would be foolish of him to ignore the fans, especially the fans with dissenting opinions. Not everyone likes the clipless reviews as much as you do. In fact I’d say the fans are about evenly split on them. As an entertainer Doug should know what the fans like and dislike. Hearing only one side won’t do him any favors.

      • You do know that Doug rarely reads the comments right? so bitching here won’t cause him to stop. The only way to get him to stop, if you don’t like them, is to do what you did with Demo Real, Don’t Watch Them. If his numbers go down he will stop, if they go up or stay the same he will continue. I am sorry but that is the only way to change his mind about this.

        That said, if you don’t like it feel free to bitch away, just don’t be fooled into thinking it will effect anything…unless you didn’t watch the video.

        My recommendation is:
        Come to the page
        post, “Well another video I am not going to watch, because…”
        then most importantly DON’T EVER watch the video cause that is the one and only way to change things…if enough people agree with you that is.

    • So we should all just be yesmen to Doug? Never criticize anything, and just tell him how awesome he is no matter what?

      Criticism is improvement. Without it you get the Star Wars prequels.

      • *Important

        Not sure how I messed that up…

      • The problem is that you’re just complaining about the format, not the quality itself… Nearly all the criticism thrown at these kind of episodes is the lack of clips, and the fact that the movie is recent… So what? The fact that you can’t use clips means that you can be creative with what you present… You can have funny cheap costumes, you can make actor and prop jokes… The jokes are still there, the review is still there, but people don’t like it because clip-less? That’s just childish in my opinion. If you want clips of the movie, just go see the movie.

        Tho granted, I don’t know why Hocus-Pocus was done clipless. Seems odd.

    • “Stop the hate.” If your definition of constructive criticism is hate, then I seriously don’t know how you’ve gotten by in a lifetime of learning and self-improvement, in a world full of hate. Of course it’s full of hate; everyone who doesn’t agree with or accept your ideology are ignoramuses for refusing to acknowledge how right you are. Even when you flip-flop.

      That’s the same kind of attitude of Crazy-ass Amy from Kitchen Nighmare.

  23. The Million Mask Man

    Wait, I thought the Snob Bum was beaten to death in the Boggy Creek review.

  24. If it is going to be another skit I’m out!

    • goodbye, don’t let the door bruise your ego on the way out.

      • Says the guy whose ego is directly bruised by criticism towards SOMEONE ELSE. Yeah, G1 Prime openly states that they choose not to watch, and YOU accuse them of having a “bruised ego”? Who’s personal emotions are really at stake here now?

        You were passing off so many comments as “highly intellectual” in defense of
        Doug’s actions and decisions (as if you knew personally what he was doing in real life), and you chose to stay here in the comment section in defensive mode, ready to counterattack anyone who has an opinion differing from your own. Who’s ego is bruised again?

        Oh yeah definitely not yours.

        • All these negative comments are going on about ” oh another clipless, screw that!” Why do you think they are posting that? In an effort to get Doug to stop what he’s doing and conform to their point of view. That’s what all comments do. Yours, mine, everyone. I don’t deny my comments are to try and get people to see my point of view, that is the whole point of communication. I take offense at those who are doing nothing but posting “you suck, go back to the old stuff”. It shows just how lacking in a true position they are. Why don’t they like it? You’re all allowed to not like Doug, that’s fine. You’re all allowed to not like his new stuff, that fine too, you can’t please everyone all the time. But how about bringing up valid comments in a non-confrontational way, so that others don’t immediately become defensive and we start down this childish “i’m better then you are” path?

          As far as this personal attack goes, fine, I bristled and made a stupid comment. Why am I defending Doug, as if he needs it? Well, I like his sense of humor and style. I’m defending something I enjoy, and I’d frankly be disappointed if he stopped doing it.

          Why am I doing it now? Maybe cause I had a bad day at work and decided I’ve had enough watching the stupid happen and am trying have my voice heard. Lord knows I’ve seen enough of the ‘vocal minority’ have it’s say. You are free to think whatever you like, enjoy it; call me a fool, call me a moron, call me ‘intellectual elitist’ cause I like my thoughts to be clearly defined, as much as I can make them.

  25. The odds of fans taking positively to this are approximately 3,675,283:1!

  26. Just wanted to say that I for one really like the clipless reviews. But then again, I really liked Demo Reel, so apparently the rest of Doug’s fans and I have very different tastes.

    • You’re not the only one, I kinda liked Demo Reel myself. It was funny (IMO), had some drama (at one point it got really deep, which pissed some people off but I thought it was cool) and had decent characters. Not gonna act like it was a masterpiece, and it was an acquired taste at first, but I learned to love it before it went away. These clip-less reviews still have commentary on the movie as well as his opinion of it, but again: They’re funny (IMO), they clearly have fun creating the effects to look like the movie (even more so if they liked it, the less they like the movie the more campy the effects seem to become), and I love Malcolm, Tamara, Jim, Rob, Barney… All of them seem to be really awesome people and they do a great job (IMO) in these reviews.

  27. I hate to be that douchebag commenter because I know you put a lot of effort into them but… are these clip less reviews going to be a monthly thing now? 🙁 I can’t help but feel like this is just an excuse to put Demo Reel sensibilites in your NC reviews… Well, at least I’ve actually seen this movie so it’ll make sens to me, unlike the Hocus Pocus review. Well, congrats on 300 episodes regardless. 😀

    • You do know that he said he will do it every now and then. This is his job and doesn’t want every video banned from youtube so that is why he is doing this. Plus it is something fresh. I find the clipless reviews just as funny and even funnier than the old reviews. But yes he is doing it every now and then, he just needs to wait for the right movie to do it to. Remember, he doesn’t hate this movie, he actually likes it 🙂 just sometimes great ideas come even without the help of a bad movie! So you can try and enjoy watching them for a good laugh, or if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest save it till you seen the movie, like I am with Pixels. Or if it is not your thing, then skip that episode and wait for the next normal review! 🙂

  28. At least wait until the new year to do this I want to see Christmas videos

  29. boycott that review! no more clipless!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Boycott yoy ,you annoying commenter you?!

    • If you would be so kind as to clearly and concisely explain why you hate the clipless reviews, instead of screaming like a barbarian at the first sign of change, then perhaps you could be the catalyst that helps the NC reach new heights of comic genius.

      is that a no then? thought so.

      • We hate them because this is NOT The Nostalgia Critic. This is just Demo Reel. And it was perfectly obvious that Demo Reel was not working out, which is why people were begging for The Critic Back! But him continually doing this is like him saying, “We’re doing Demo Reel whether you like it or not,” when it should be perfectly obvious we didn’t like it!
        It’s like he’s forcing Demo Reel down our throats! We loved the Nostalgia Critic, we tune in for The Nostalgia Critic! Not for Demo Reel!

        • I thought part of these clipless reviews came about is because of his reviews getting taken down by copyright bots, not because he wanted to shove Demo Reel down people throats.

          • Doug and Rob keep saying that reviews that people hate the most get most view, that’s why he keeps doing them. “But the chart says…”

          • Maybe so. I didn’t say he was intentionally forcing Demo Reel down our throats, it just feels like he is when he constantly does this!

            But…then what’s his excuse for the Hocus Pocus one then? He shouldn’t have any copyright problems with that cause that’s years old and it’s been out on DVD forever!!

      • The arrogance… So much… Arrogance.

        Kadmon, you really need to share your vastly superior secrets to life as how someone as genius as you, could possibly take the success of one on the internet, and absorb it into himself to amalgamate into one’s own narcissism!

        I just can’t possibly fathom! Because I’m a beta fucking simpleton, of course.

        • You want to know the secret? The secret is, it isn’t narcissism, it’s self loathing. Self hated to such a degree that I need someone else’s success to lift me out of the hole of depression i slog through every day of my pitiful exsistance. Oh poor pitiful me. My question to you is, with this personal attack, isn’t that what your doing too? using your perceived self righteous attack on others to make yourself feel better?

          It’s not like I’m the only person in this comment section using barbs against the other commenters. Most of the barbs are being pointed at NC. I am far from the most offense comment here, look at the second one, for instance. If you want to talk about arrogance, how about all the ones telling Doug what he should be doing. The man is trying to be creative and funny, sometimes he fails. He’s posting things for us to enjoy or not, at our leisure, and they act like he’s destroying their lives cause they don’t like one of his reviews. Constructive criticism is the key. Saying “It’s not like the Old Critic!” is not going to change anything. Just watch the end of his last review, Christmas with the Kranks, and pay attention.

          • Christmas with the Kranks was a review I stopped watching because he was once again making up a strawman so he could treat other people like shit. He seems to do this all the time now.

            And your comment was helping him. Rather than read the complaints, you just alleged they had no merit and that no one could come up with a valid complaint.

            You pretended to be asking people to be nice, but instead in your last sentenced used it as a way to attack everyone. At least the people being mean are being mean out in the open, instead of your passive aggressive bullshit.

            I can’t watch the end of Christmas with the Kranks because Doug decided to be an asshole in the review. People in the comments said it made them cry–and that’s not why you watch a comedy show. It’s a shitty thing to do.

            The whole point of being a comedian is to make other people happy. When your comments section is full of angry people, you’re not doing your job.

          • Seconded, trlkly. I actually did cry at the end of the Christmas With The Kranks review (a lot, actually) and it was that episode that made me stop watching the new episodes of this show. (I’ll still be caught up with which episodes he’s doing next and lurking in the comments section though.) I think Doug should be a little more receptive to fan input regarding the changes on his show, and that reception better not be “I acknowledge people are upset about this, but I’m doing it anyway because I want to, so just accept it”. You’re right, his job is to make people happy, and when the people aren’t happy, he needs to listen to them to figure out what he can do to fix that. And that’s not to say he can’t do what he wants with his own show, but he needs to take the fanbase’s response into consideration before doing it/continuing with it, or he’ll start losing viewers.

          • What’s wrong with an artist doing something they like? At the end of the day, does someone’s clipless Star Wars review really impact that much of your life? It shouldn’t, and it’s why I feel bad that you cried at the ending of Christmas with the Kranks… Doug is just having fun and doing what he likes… I feel he mostly made that ending to remind people that in the end, it’s just for fun, and we shouldn’t throw so much hate and vitriol at something harmless. We are allowed to criticize him, but not by just going “STICK TO YOUR OLD FORMULA FOREVER PLZZZZ”

            Demo Reel went the way it did just because people didn’t watch it, me included… I didn’t find it bad, it was just… ok. I felt it lacked a certain comedic spark that the NC had. With these clipless reviews, I feel that Doug is combining the best of both worlds, “Demo Reel with a Point”, if you will. And if the clipless episodes are getting views that Demo Reel wasn’t, well, that means he is doing something right…

            Of course you’re allowed to have a differing opinion. Heck, send an e-mail to Doug himself, since he doesn’t read the comments, debatebly… But do it after the Star Wars review comes out, since the trailer does seem to have funny jokes in it (ESPECIALLY BB-8’s MARKETTING, JEEZ). I’ll withhold my own opinion too, but so far, and considering Doug’s other clipless episodes, I just really don’t see the overly-huge amounts of hate and sadness…

            Although admittedly I still don’t know why Hocus Pocus was done clipless…

          • Two points.

            “It’s not like the old critic” is an entirely valid criticism when we tune in to see the ‘old critic’, not the new critic. That is, the critic that made us all fans.

            It’s not merely a hobby. This is was Doug does. If his fans don’t like what he’s doing then they serve no one pretending otherwise.

            People attacking the format they don’t like is a hell of allot more constructive than an arrogant individual like yourself telling others they are wrong and should shut up.

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