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A rough one to get through, a very, VERY rough one to get through. Doug takes a look at The Fox and the Hound 2.

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  1. Some of the musical numbers look like they were trying to imitate “Home on the Range”, which came out two years earlier. Not exactly the best thing to imitate….

    So yeah, Todd and Copper JOIN A BAND! Arg. You are totally right, this really does make the original look like Shakespeare by comparison.

    • I think the original doesn’t get as much praise as it should. It’s by no means perfect; there are some pacing issues that really lessen the impact of the film’s message, and some corny filler scenes/songs. It’s a film I’d love to see get a remake and maybe fix some of those problems the original had.

      More or less, Fox and the Hound 2 tried to do that exact same thing that Bambi 2 did (filling in narrative gaps), by trying to show Todd and Copper’s friendship as children BEFORE Copper goes away on that hunting trip later that autumn. Unfortunately, here, it doesn’t work, because we know what’s going to happen.

      Fox and the Hound 2 ends on such a sickeningly sweet, cute, happy moment–that, “we just had a rough patch in our friendship, but now everything is a-okay again and nothing will ever tear our friendship apart again, etc.”, message doesn’t jive well with the original’s premise.

  2. It was a ruff one to get through.

  3. The movie is definitely dumb, but the animation is much better than “okay”. Just looking at the clips, there is a lot of really really smooth and well timed animation in there, along with a great sense of volume. Compare this to Beauty and the Beast 2 which you also said had “okay” animation. This is light-years beyond that. (still not a great movie, but well-animated).

    Also, yeah, the trucks have to be CGI. It would take ages to animate that in 2D.

  4. Sounds like the setup could have been about classism but they gave up partway through.

  5. this reminds me of “Home on the range”; very good animation, bouncy colors and NO substance.

  6. To do a sequel to one of Disney’s least well-known films was just such a strange idea to begin with. They didn’t even try to get the original film’s colour palette right.

    • Regarding the artwork, this movie looks ok by itself, but compared to the original, it’s unrecognizable. The colours are totally off. The characters have been simplified. And the animation has way too much stretch-and-squash going on. The camera angles are very plain as well – the original had a lot more going on in that department.

  7. Snorgatch Pandalume

    There sure are a lot of swinging animal asses in this movie if what I saw in the review is anything to go by.
    Wait a second. Tod has an owner? He’s a pet? I thought he was a wild animal. Serves me right for never watching the original.

  8. Ooh, I knew that this one would piss you off. Muahahahaha. The first Fox and the Hound made me sad as a kid so I purposely avoided this one. Then I somehow heard what it was about but I still didn’t want to see it. Although, I heard the soundtrack for this movie was pretty good if you like country.

  9. I really hate this movie. It has to be the worst direct to DVD Disney sequel I have seen. At least so far. I haven’t seen all of them yet. Your review was truly spot on. Amen.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I remember one of my parental figure(either my mom or dad or I did ot I’m not too sure) rented this movie from blockbuster when I was 8 years old o watched it on my conputer and remembered liking it(yeah I had bad taste in movies I was that age). I probably won’t revisit it since what you said on it was that it was bad but o just remember that and wanted to share it in the comments

  11. thatchickwithlonghair

    (Doug talking about the first movie)
    “Whoa, it’s a really heavy and dark story”.




  12. …So you think Bambi is great but you don’t think much of The Fox and the Hound? Whatever, man.

    No movie should be dumb, but some movies were never made to be analyzed. They were made to be felt. Bambi and The Fox and the Hound are two of those. I honestly think The Fox and the Hound is better than Bambi. The themes, the messages, the intellectual consistency– they’re all better or more valuable.

  13. Anyone else surprised he didn’t even mention Reba McEntarian (Reba McEntire) lol?

  14. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to see this one. I saw “The Fox And The Hound” a lot as a kid and loved it. Maybe it’s just nostalgia. It’s certainly better than this. You’re right, the animation’s good. Nothing else is, though.

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