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Rob and Doug check out The Good Dinosaur and ask if this is the worst Pixar movie ever?

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  1. ProfessorSlendercat

    The worst Pixar movie will always be Cars 2. No exceptions. At least TGD looks prettier than Cars 2 even if the story is meh.

  2. Translation: “It’s been done before, therefore, it sucks.”

  3. I think the worst one is actually Brave. For as bad as Cars 2 and The Good Dinosaur are, they weren’t as boing and generic as Brave was.

  4. Monsters University s the worst Pixar movie.

    Cars 2 is bad to me as well, however Monsters university took a movie I liked and made a bad sequel of good source material. Cars 2 was a movie I didn’t like which had to work with a movie I didn’t like as source material so Monsters University Dropped the ball more In my opinion.

  5. Cars 2, does there need to be more of an explanation?

  6. Are you going to do the live action Jungle Book from 1994 anytime? Also, the only thing that ever had my attention about Good Dinosaur was Sam Elliott and Anna Paquin as T-rex Family. Sam’s voice reflects where in North America (and nowhere else) to FInd T-Rex remains. Plus his voice suits something so large.

  7. This is my review of the Good Dinosaur

    Honestly, I think it is good. This is actually my eighth favorite Pixar movie (after Monsters Inc, Up, All three Toy Story movies, Finding Nemo, and of course Inside Out).
    The film has an interesting setup (even though it reminds me of both Ice Age and Land Before Time) about a friendly Apatosaurus and a cavekid who go on an adventure, and there is ACTUALLY something interesting…about the dino world.
    The T-Rex dinos they meet are very cool, and help Arlo and Spot out. I am actually BAFFLED they aren’t the villains.
    The film has cute and emotional moments, although Inside Out did them better (Joy and Disgust <3).
    The film does have some frightening imagery, but guess what, SO DID LAND BEFORE TIME!!!!!
    If there is one thing this film did better than IO, is the Villain: Thunderclap the Pteranodon. He is actually a pretty cool baddie and my second favorite Pixar Villain (after Lotso).
    Overall, Good Dinosaur is a good movie. I didn't think it would be as acclaimed as Inside Out (similar to Up and Toy Story 3, but Toy Story is a classic series). There are worse Pixar movies out there, like Brave. (M.U. was okay to me).

    At least this film put some effort into it, unlike Minions or 'shudder' The Road Chip.

  8. Cars 2 it´s by far the worst Pixar Movie.

  9. We all agree that Cars 2 it the worst one but Monsters University to me is kinda bad too

  10. Worst pixar movie? Bleh, I think I’d have to say Cars. Yeah I know the sequel is probably worse in stuff like humor and whatnot, but at the very least I can argue that’s just a dumb plot about super spies going around the world, simple but still has the potential for fun. It at least knows that it’s a cash in and tries to have some fun with it, even if it doesn’t do it especially well. The original annoys me because it’s just using the same old boring cliche plot about a guy I feel like I’ve seen it so many times. I remember being so utterly bored when I saw that as a kid.
    I suppose in the end, they both suck, but personally I think the original Cars sucks a bit more because it doesn’t try to do anything with the idea.
    Though to be quite frank, both movies are nowhere even near as bad as that obnoxious spinoff, Planes and its own stupid seuqel. But since those aren’t technically Pixar produced films, I decided not to put it there.

  11. Worst Pixar movie is Cars 2. Might as well be called S.A.R.S. 2.

  12. Forget it, It´s Planes

  13. I really hate both Cars and Cars 2 but I actually like Brave. How ever what I have hearing about The Good Dinosaur does not make me want to see it.

  14. I will admit, the pterodactyl eating the cute little mammal was not necessarily unforeseen, because the lead-up with this character to the “joke” had me already unsettled and skeptical. But yes, it wasn’t an appropriate joke for this type of film. I laughed at it when the scene happened, but quickly recoiled back to shock, watching the other pterodactyls tugging at the remains of the mammal.

    This film doesn’t seem to know which audience it’s trying to aim for. I agree, it’s not really for adults, but it’s not for youngsters either because of the unabashed graphical violence and the one scene involving fermented fruit. The film does have strong scenes which will satisfy adults, particularly the one with Arlo and the boy communicating about their families with the sticks and sand.

    I like TGD way better than Brave, Monsters U, and Cars 2. But I’d rank it around A Bug’s Life. Viewing it once in a while is good enough.

  15. What was so wrong with Brave? It wasn’t great, but I’d hardly call it bad, by any stretch.

  16. Leafcutter ants farm fungus, to the point where the fungus they grow is essentially domesticated.

    Herder ants farm aphids, which they milk for a substance called honeydew.

  17. I haven’t seen The Good Dinosaur yet, but I don’t think it could be as bad as Cars 2. And Brave was… well, Brave had some good ideas, but felt like a mess and just not up to Pixar standards.

  18. Even Cars 2, which was mediocre next to Pixar’s library, was still perfectly decent by the general standards of animated kiddy flicks these days. Same thing with Monsters U; for what it was going for, I though it was alright. This one, eh, the animation in the trailers didn’t gel with me and it felt too much like Ice Age (the first one) and Land Before Time smashed together. Again, though, that doesn’t make it horrible–even at their worst, I don’t think Pixar have made anything truly dreadful like Dreamworks have.

  19. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Pixar’s worst movie is Cars 2. Not only is the writing cliched, but it began the “trend” of making unnecessary sequels that put Larry The Cable Guy in the lead. Tooth Fairy 2 and Jingle All The Way 2 followed suit. AND THEY’RE AWFUL TOO. Cars 2 only exists to bolster Cars’s relevance to prevent falling sales because apparently the “Mater’s Tall Tales” shorts weren’t enough? GAWD. My Twitter handle is @DigiRanger1994

  20. Worst Pixar film is Cars 2.

  21. Boy, am I glad I saw Creed instead of this when I had the chance.

  22. The worst pixar movie is Cars 2 but The Good Dinosaur is a close second

  23. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Worst pixar film is cars 2 and my twitter name is @EthanTone

  24. It’d have to be either Cars 2 or Brave. They’re both pretty mediocre in my eyes.

  25. IDK… I think maybe I’d have to choose Toy Story 3… I mean it’s an okay movie in its self, but I have to agree with YourMovieSucks as in it has the same(or almost exact I guess) plot as the previous Toy Story movie, Toy Story 2… It’s really hard to choose from a large selection of fairly good movies 😛

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    The much bigger biology-related question in the film is what drove the evolution of intelligence across at least 4 separate dinosaur species?

  27. “Let’s talk real quick” 30 minutes later…

  28. Worst Pixar movie is Cars 2 @PK_Gizmo

  29. It just occurred to me, if the most of the dinosaurs weren’t killed of in a meteor-induced mass extinction, wouldn’t they have evolved into some sort of feathered reptilian creature instead of staying as the same dinosaurs as depicted in the movie?

  30. I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion but why does Pixar have to have a worst title, can’t they all be good? Now I have yet to see The Good Dinosaur but I have seen all of the others and enjoyed every one of them. Yes, some of them do have faults, but they are all good movies. I don’t know if I could really pick a favorite or a least favorite among them. Well I probably could with some thought but I wouldn’t call them the best and worst because it’s just my personal picks.

    • First, no one and no organization is perfect, so even the best make bad movies. Second, even if you enjoyed them all, it’s natural to like some better than others so each person will have a subjective best and worst.

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