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I tackle the western manga adaptation “The Guyver” (1991), ‘starring’ Mark Hamill.

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  1. Why isn’t this about a guy who can build bombs out of duct tape, toilet paper tubes, and toothpaste?

    That villain guy looks like Lord Voldemort.

    5:29 – “Stop punching yourself! Stop punching yourself! Stop punching yourself!”

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    So it’s Max Steel, but actually kinda good.

  3. Agreed that it’s a pretty poor film, but when you have your nostalgia goggles on you can forgive it considering the other live-action anime films that have been made since then. Also, even though Guyver II was a much worse movie, I liked the idea for the plot a bit more.

    • I wouldn’t say Guyver 2 was worse, it had a lower budget but still had cool action scenes, costume effects, and a more consistent tone that was better at adapting the source material. The problem is that the lower budget meant they couldn’t get the star powered cast that this movie had…imagine if we got a movie with the second one’s tone and story, but the first one’s music and cast…it could have been freaking awesome, possibly as big a hit as Batman now that I think about it…

    • It is not only nostalgia. It was one of first henshin heroes movies on west in pair with Power Rangers. I be honest if did impact my as a kid even if it is objectively bad..

  4. I loved this movie when I was a kid, and even now it still has a corny appeal to me, like watching a really cheezy action cartoon that I’m nostalgic for. The creature effects for this movie still hold up pretty damn good if you ask me, I think the only improvement I would do is add more realistic mouth movements, which could be easily done with modern CGI effects (except if they tried to make this movie today they’d probably make the WHOLE THING CGI like they did with the Ninja Turtles.) The sequel is better, at least in maintaining a more consistent tone, though it was hurt by an obviously smaller budget and losing that kick ass theme song.

  5. I’m glad I missed out on this as a kid. Seeing my childhood hero Luke Skywalker horrifyingly transformed into some kind of roach monster would’ve definitely caused some lasting psychological scars.

  6. Nice review.

    Glad to see some respect for the master of subtle sinister characters Jeffrey Combs. My favorite role of his is Weyoun from Deep Space Nine, though he’s played a bunch of other alien antagonists throughout that franchise.

  7. Brandon, I think you’re a little off on comparing the look of this movie to Burton’s 1989 Batman. More likely they were inspired by the 1990 surprise hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

    Yup, like that first TMNT movie, The Guyver has night time fight scenes, teenage heroes with adult allies, and rubber monsters. Unfortunately, this movie lacked that film’s charm and likable heroes.

    • Attempts to sell adult stuff for kids were common dishonest practice in 90’ties. That is why we have hilarity like Robo Cop toy not to mention that SEGA shady business model in that zone take blame for ESRB rating controversy and its result.

      Anyway what destroy that movie is that it is half edgy 90’ties teen-flick and half seinen adaptation. It is why it end so schizophrenic and off for most people.

  8. And as everyone knows, you can’t spell Mark Hamill without Arkham in the middle.

  9. the second is better they no rap

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