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A bad Shyamalan drama makes for a hilarious unintentional comedy! The Nostalgia Critic reviews The Happening.

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    The Happening happened, as it happens

  2. What??? No!!! :O

  3. The player you post your videos with sucks. Big time. I always have to wait until the next day (central european time) to watch your videos (same with Linkara’s – but at least he has a YouTube link)

  4. about damn time! great review

  5. Shockwave_the_Dragon


  6. Wait, I’m still really confused… is the new color of the wall just a coincidence, or is it to make a statement of sorts?

  7. Cheese and crackers is a pretty common substitution for Jesus Christ as an expletive.

    • Yeah but this movie wasn’t trying for a G rating, and it wasn’t doing it for comedy (intentionally)- there was no point

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Perhaps it was to show that the MP was yet another quirky character, namely, an emotionally arrested adolescent in an adult body who was raised in a remote fundamentalist community where it was still 1955, so that instead of taking the Lord’s name in vain he utters something an eight-year-old would say.
        And before you laugh, there probably actually are people like that. It always struck me that you could take a guy like Mike Huckabee, drop him down 100 years in the past, and he’d be perfectly at home. He wouldn’t have to change one single thing about his beliefs or his politics. That’s how little the people of his world have changed.

  8. That’s some really good cutting in the beginning. It just dawned on me that those have to be separate takes when the camera keeps tilting, but it looks like one guy repeating the same basic camera movements. Kudos!

  9. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    By the way, it’s JUVENILE Diabetes Research Foundation, not Junior…

  10. Hold on! Is Shamylan making his own movie universe? In Signs, the aliens left something behind in the plants. This led to the events of The Happening. Which ends the world and leads to the events of After Earth.

    • By he way, the aliens don’t leave anything behind in Signs. I’m just saying that as a theory.

    • It almost works, but in Signs the aliens were actually demons disguised as aliens. That’s why they were weak against holy water and couldn’t enter the residence of a holy man until he started losing faith and stuff.

      Then again, having random unrelated aliens showing up as demonic plants take over the world is EXACTLY the type of thing Shamylan would do, soo………

      • Interesting take, but tap water isn’t holy water… also he started losing faith before the movie started…so it doesn’t make any sense. Also I dont think demons need spaceships, make crop circles or have trouble with wooden doors

  11. Oh come on, everyone knows what happened. It was Floronic Man’s master plan to take over the world, and he’s the real father of Alma’s baby. It’s all explained here:

  12. Biggest laugh has to be when Malcolm popped the whole orange in his mouth at once

  13. Great review like always, Doug. I honestly haven’t seen a Shamlan movie since The Village, but now you won me over with this one since Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschenel look like they wandered onto the set of another movie and are just trying to wing it from there.

    Your wall also looks different too. New camera?

  14. I think I discovered the big plot twist at the endingo of this movie. It’s not that the trees are causing the whole incident, but the fact they impregnated Zoey Deschanel, thus giving birth to the first Guardian of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon.

  15. And the funny thing is, GLaDOS and HAL are in a video game together.

  16. Believe it or not, Roger Ebert gave this movie a positive review and it’s not a so bad it’s good recommendation but a legitimate “this is a good movie” recommendation. Go to his website to see his review if you don’t believe me.

  17. Whoever did the Mr. Burns impression was spot on. Well done!

  18. 0:00 If the only funny thing to come out of this month is the opening to M. Night Month, it will have been worth it.

    1:30–not to the mention the title of the worst Supremes single ever.

    3:30–A big city like Philadelphia has only one high school?

    6:00–Zooey got screwed by the Razzies when she wasn’t nominated.

    10:30–Frank Collison looks disturbingly like Danny Trejo. I half expected him to say “SHUT UP!” and chop an ax into a table.

    11:30–Happy 75th anniversary “Citizen Kane!”

  19. How do we know the film wasn’t supposed to be intentionally funny like a spoof of fifties B movies

    • Because before it came out, Shamylan talked about how legitimately scary it was and how terrified people in the theater were and stuff. Plus, there’s not really any self-awareness to this film like with something like Iron Sky where they know they’re trying to make a comedy satire of politics, in The Happening it tries to play everything 100% straight but just doesn’t quite know what it’s doing.

  20. I saw this movie when it came out. Looks like my mind erased everything but the part that I remember seeing it, because I didn’t remembered the actors or any scenes

  21. Do you think Bruce Willis saw how bad M. Night was gonna turn out, so he decided to quit on his only two good movies he made?

  22. the moment that they talked about the walls I was laughting my ass off not about as it but I t was about the color of the walls making a comeback joke about complains of the past about the wall since it was yellow then change to white walls. I dunno it was intenntionnal or not but i lol it a lot ^^. that review was the funniest i’ve seing in a while in your reviews

  23. Not even mention in review that the movie was blaming it on global warming at the end. :face palm: You know if climate change was causing plants to make everyone kill themselves then I be worried about it. Twist is so contrived the only thing that comes close to it iis the ending to 009 Re:Cyborg. Almost as confusing too.
    No mention of Dante from clerks cameo?

  24. One of the greatest comedies of the last decade. There’s no way this wasn’t intentional.

  25. Haven’t seen this one yet, but it does across as an unintentional comedy.

  26. Either of them?

  27. I remember the first time I saw this movie with a friend. We were both laughing really hard at how bad it was.

  28. Old lady- Are you reviewing The Happening?
    Nostalgia Critic- On, ma’am, I’m not.
    Old lady- Making fun of it like Film Brain already did years ago?
    Nostalgia Critic- What? No.

    • I thankfully passed on seeing this movie on the weekend it came out, because I was more interested in seeing The Incredible Hulk, thank you very much.

      3:04- And this is why Andy Samberg made fun of Mark Wahlberg in that one episode of Saturday Night Live.

      The reason everyone in this movie talk the way they do is either this isn’t the planet Earth, this is an Earth from a alternate dimension, or M. Night Shyamalan has no fucking idea how normal people talk.

      Why is Zooey Dechanel in this movie in the first place. She’s good at comedies, rom-coms, and being a contestant on the Katy Perry lookalike contest.

      8:27- I guess Shyalaman still loved doing the tracking shots he did in Signs.

      Nice job on The Simpsons joke.

      The only reason why this movie has blood, gore, and other crap like that is that Shyamalan would get an R rating. THAT’S IT.

      13:35- Seriously, M. Night. You know how ordinary people talk, right? If not, GET THE FUCK OFF OF WHATEVER PLANET YOU CALL HOME, COME TO EARTH, AND BE AROUND US NORMAL HUMANS! You’re making the dialogue in The Room and Troll 2 sound normal by comparison!


      18:22- Everyone should just be thankful that Fant4stic doesn’t have this kind of acting, ’cause if there was, I would have walked out on it by the 15 minute mark, but I didn’t, because it wasn’t as bad as this piece of crackers.

      I also love how hilarious the “What? No.” scene is, but shame on you, Critic, for still picking on Darth Vader’s shouting of “No!”

      I’ve heard from Film Brains review that the plants didn’t kill Wahlberg and Dechanel, because the mood ring shows that they’re showing an emotion that makes them unaffected by the virus. …Yeah, it even sounds dumb when I try to explain it.

      I think I’m okay NOT seeing this movie in it’s entirety, and stick with comedic reviews on the internet about it. The acting, the dialogue, the logic, and the “potty language” are enough to keep me away from this train wreck on a boat.

      So, I guess the next review is on either The Village, Lady in the Water, or The Visit.

  29. He didnt even mention the fact that the plants ended up killing people in Europe or whatever at the end

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