The Hateful Eight and The Ridiculous 6 – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Violet review Quentin Tarantino’s new film The Hateful 8.

Brad and Violet review the Adam Sandler film The Ridiculous Six.

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  1. Oh, finally the comments are back! I already seen a review for The Hateful 8 so I just skipped that.

    Thanks for going through the Ridiculous Six. Oh, Taylor Lautner. Why?! You’re at least a B list actor! Also, where is your best and worst list of 2015? LOL.

  2. …Did anyone else find Luke Wilson’s backstory in The Ridiculous 6 kind of offensive?

  3. Coming from a Tarantino fanboy, The Hateful 8 is something I have to ruminate on for a while. It’s gorgeous, the dialogue and characters are great. But once the turning point finally came around, it felt like too little too late. It took too long for it to play it’s hand. The build up was far better than the pay-off, imo.

  4. The holes Brad pokes in The Hateful 8 really are telling. Usually, I would call it nitpicking but these were the thoughts that immediately jumped in my head too. I usually watch a film passively, meaning I just let it wash over me and think on it after. It’s not often a film’s flaws jump right out at me. For a QT film to do that, it’s really disappointing.

    People have been calling QT over-indulgent for a long time now. This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with this. I think he was too concerned with making the film subversive, suspenseful and morally grey to think through the plot.

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