The Hunger Games – Mockingjay, Part 2 & The Night Before – Midnight Screenings

Team Snob checks out the final Hunger Games movie, plus the new Seth Rogen comedy The Night Before.

Brad and Sarah see the final Hunger Games movie.

Brian and Dave talk about the new Seth Rogen flick.

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  1. honestly I said prim is going to die in front of my class, and they were like “WTF” and I was like it’s been out for five years like wtf read a book.

  2. These reviews need more background characters.

  3. Everyone has reviewed Mockingjay but I was interested in what you thought about The Night Before. I haven’t liked a Seth Rogan since that Barbara Streisand movie. Although, I LOVE Michael Shannon. I think that he may be the new Nicolas Cage. I still won’t see it though. I don’t like Seth Rogan comedies or Judd Apatow movies either. Also, that ball conversation had me LOL’ing.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love the review for the night before even more then mockingjay part 2 but mostly because hairy balls(xd love it) and it was nice t hear offscreen leddie for once I thought she could only do sign language. I liked the review for mockingjay but I mostly agreed with Sarah and honestly it’s one of my least favorite midnight screenings. It it was still good enough but I wouldn’t watch it again or anything like that.

  5. I’ve posted this elsewhere, but for everyone calling for more action: you. don’t. get it.

    People calling for more action truly do not understand the message behind these films. Not everything is about EXPLOSIONS, BLOOD, FIGHTING, BOOM *eats popcorn*. The film series is, at its heart, a story about PTSD, depression, propaganda and the effects war has on people. Katniss is NOT superhero. She’s just a human who has gone through horrific events, witnessed her entire district get blown up and has had to kill people to survive. All at the age of 17. REALISTICALLY, how many people could go through all of that and get through it with a smile on their face? Katniss is clinically depressed, and rightly so–and for a YA book/film series to take on these major themes is incredible.

    So forgive me when I get annoyed that dislike the film because there’s not enough “action”. If you came into this series wanting to see a lot of action scenes, you’re taking away the wrong message here and this film was obviously not made for you anyway. /rant

    • I think that their complaint was more about how much the splitting into two movies hurts the pacing of the book. I mean, especially in the first movie there were a lot of scenes where literally NOTHING was happening. They could have used that time to actually show Katniss’s mental problems instead of that stupid love triangle.

  6. THIS IS CAIRO!!!!

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