The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones – Nostalgia Critic

One of the biggest crossovers of…um…1987! The stone age meets the age of the future, but is it the match made in heaven kids hoped for? Find out as the Nostalgia Critic review’s, The Jetson’s Meet the Flintstones.

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  1. I never thought in a million years that the crossover between these two were good. To be honest it kinds works.+

    BTW! First! See i told ya last week you wasn’t getting this week. PREDICTION!! PEOPLE, PREDICTIOOOONS!
    Everybody else: WHO CARES?!

  2. This was a hilarious review. I LOVE this retro style.

  3. What if Elroy’s machine worked as intended and the Jetsons were in the future all along? Suppose the arrival and subsequent celebrity of the Flintstones created a trend of “StonePunk” designs that went beyond just their car. Meanwhile comments they made in interview lead to an interest in biotech solutions that diverted away from robotics. Thus the reason that Rosie wound up in the wrong era was because she intentionally went to the past.

  4. I’d love to see a review of Condorman, an obscure Disney live-action film from 1981 that’s gained a cult following over the years.

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