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Was anybody really demanding to see this? Doug takes a look at The Jungle Book 2.

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  1. Doug

    If you want to see Jungle Book that is true to the book you should watch the Russian version. Here it is with sub-titles:

    You also should expand your views outside of American cinema and film a bit. You’ll find that some adoptions were faithfully represented in other countries.

    • well, after Anastasia, Pocahontas and reviewing the Magic Voyage, he is pretty traumatized by that xD

    • Holy moley… I was just gonna say the same thing! Yes, the Russian version is the book animated. It might seem a little odd to non-Russians that Bagheera is female, but panther is a feminine noun in Russian, so I’m guessing that in the Russian translations of the book the film team was working from, Bagheera was likely referred to as a “she” because that’s what you do with panthers. But yeah, a much truer adaptation, and while the animation is not the Disney style western kids have grown up with, it has its own unique stylized charm… watch it!

    • It’s like watching eastern Europe favorite cat and mouse team: Worker and Parasite!

  2. If you want a good Jungle Book adaptation, you should check out the Soviet film Adventures of Mowgli

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Actually the Disney 2016 version is motion capture not live action but its gotta pretty decent cast but the only reason I would watch that version is to see Christopher Walken as King Louie since he’s over the top and a weird choice for him(as most people know). I remember seeing this film as a trailer on my dads Disney The Kid DVD and thinking why did they make it but at the end of the day I’m totally skipping this useless sequel as well as the creepy looking remake coming out next year but might watch the 2 versions suggested above.

  4. Personally, I never cared for the novel. I found Mowgli and most of the other characters to be extremely unlikable in the book and I absolutely hated the ending to it. But hey that’s just me.

  5. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    Is this a review of The Jungle Book 2 or The Force Awakens?

  6. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the sequel to the book was very depressing. A child raised by wolves who knows nothing about human language trying to suddenly fit into human society sounds like it wouldn’t go well.

    • What do you expect when trying to raise a wolf child in “civilised society?” There’s actually a point in the book where the villagers start telling stories about the Jungle and Mowgli because he’s been raised there brushes them off as lies and gets harassed for it.

  7. I think next year there are two Jungle Book adaptations coming out, one being the live action Disney version and the other being live action but not related to Disney in any way. I hope both of them at least try to stick with the original story. After reading the book earlier this year I can honestly confirm it is one of the best things I have ever read. It’s a very long book but I managed to finish it in about five days, I couldn’t put it down. The one adaptation I think that’s truly faithful is the Shônen version which made an Anime TV series of it and it develops Mowgli’s relationship with the wolves, Baloo, Bagheera Kaa, etc. I just hope neither of the new films make Kaa the villain. Kaa is Mowgli’s mentor, and plays a big part in saving him from the monkeys in the book.
    If Disney were going to make an animated sequel to The Jungle Book it probably wouldn’t be a kids movie. In Kipling’s The Second Jungle Book, Mowgli is not welcome by the humans and they throw stones at him, ostracize him and make him feel detached because he is a wolf. Not to give away the ending but Mowgli’s revenge plot of “letting the jungle in,” would not fly in Disney terms.
    As for this film, it’s my guilty pleasure Disney movie. I actually really enjoy songs such as Jungle Rhythm and WILD. Shanti is an okay character, although I found her a buzzkill at some points but that’s probably because her mother wanted her to be more mature.
    PS: Do you think Doug knows that that bald headed goofy vulture named Lucky, is voiced by Phil Collins? xD

  8. Did you also know Doug that the voice of the girl, Shanti, is Mae Whitman, the voice of Katara on Avatar: The Last Airbender?
    There is another Jungle Book movie being made at Warner Bros. with Andy Serkis directing and also playing Baloo, and it’s bound to be true to the darker tone of Kipling’s book.

  9. As many people have said before me, I’m sure Doug will be glad to discover that there are actually TWO live-action/CGI Jungle Book movies coming out soon, and at least of one them is going to be much more true to the book. (I’ve heard that even the one Disney is producing is going to be more true to the book than the animated version, but still mix in elements from the animated version.) If I remember correctly, the Disney one will be released in 2016 and the non-Disney one will be released in 2017. I can’t recall which studio is producing the non-Disney one, but I know it is Directed by Andy Serkis. The only actor I know about who is starring in that version is Benedict Cumberbatch, who is playing Shere Khan. He was amazing as Smaug in The Hobbit, so I know voicing another badass CGI animal villain should go over well, for him! Hopefully the rest of the cast will be just as fitting. So far, the cast for the Disney version also looks great.

  10. There was another live action of the Jungle Book made by Disney, but some time in late 90’s. No one knows of it. Visually, it’s good, but story wise, it’s………… there….. Check it out.

  11. Oh thank God, I’m not the only one who was disappointed by the Disney Jungle Book after discovering it did not follow the book at all. I will say the songs are good and it’s a fun film, but I really hate what that movie did to Kaa. He’s not some goofy minion for some greater villain, he’s a wise mentor and friend to Mowgli. Hell, we’re introduced to him when Bagheera and Baloo enlist his help in rescuing Mowgli from the Monkeys (yes, they have to bribe him, but the point is Kaa actually helps them out.). And his hypnosis is a lot more…dignified in the book than it is in the movies. In the books, it’s more of a dance as Kaa twists his body into many different shapes rhythmically and fluidly. Another fun fact is that his hypnosis only works on animals. Mowgli is completely immune to it. Sorry, I’m rambling, but I’m just upset about what they did to my favorite Jungle Book character. Also, while it’s not the Mowgli part of The Jungle Book, I would highly recommend the Rikki Tikki Tavi short narrated by Orson Welles from the 1970’s (I believe). It sticks so damn close to the original story and is very well executed.

  12. This movie is forever burned into my memory because it came out on Valentine’s day and I saw it on a date that night. I just assumed that if they were releasing it into theaters it would be better then the normal straight to video sequels. I was wrong, oh how I was wrong, and my date never let me forget it.

  13. Yeah. As a kid I liked it fine. Now as an adult I kinda outgrew it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Jungle Book movie either but at least that one holds up better than the sequel.

  14. Wasn’t there a live action jungle book in the 90s? I remember seeing it as a kid and really liking it, I recall it having a sort of indian jones vibe. Then again, it could be crap seeing as I haven’t seen it since I was a kid.

    • Yes, there was. I believe it was fairly good, but that could just be nostalgia. The music in this video was quite nice. Of course it was pointless. It’s amazing you even liked ONE of these Disney sequels. I thought the animation was bad.

  15. This is another case where I hated the first movie as a kid and didn’t like the second movie any more! LOL. I’m still seeing the Jungle Book remake. I’m hoping that they turn it into an action movie. LOL.

  16. What about the live action Jungle Book from the 90’s? That was done by disney and was pretty cool

  17. thatchickwithlonghair

    Chuck Jones is the man. 😀 I loved every freaking thing he animated.

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