The Letters and Spotlight – Midnight Screenings

Team Snob has the weird double feature of The Letters and Spotlight.

Dave and Brad check out a biopic on Mother Teresa, because why not.

Brad and Irving see the highly acclaimed new movie, Spotlight.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow a Christian movie about mother teresea and a political movie about newspaper printing and the stories they keep from the people on 9/11 and even to this day(I can see what the better movie is,the letters can burn in a fire somewhere cause Im gonna see spotlight next). I definitely hope they have it at my regal straw bridge theater cause based on how good you said it was I’ll tell my dad about it(but I’ll probably just end up getting it off of redbox).

    On a side note,I looked up that trailer for the masked saint and it looked alright(just not anything really crazy like you said it would and Dave too). Opening next weekend though in wide expansion with in the heart of the sea is Legend that movie starring Tom hardy as both gangsters but based on what film brain said and what the critics are saying that ones nothing to go rush out to see.

  2. I’ve heard about The Letters. It’s not my thing. I was going to comment about the name calling thing, Dave, but then you did it for me. LOL. Yeah, I can’t wait for you to review that luchadore movie.

    I’ve heard about Spotlight. I don’t like depressing movies so DEFINITELY not my thing. I don’t remember hearing about that. Although, I watch so little news that I seriously didn’t learn about 9/11 until about 5 years ago. Well, Christians are more persecuted in other countries, then in America but I’m sure it still sometimes happens in America. OMG, I thought that it was just me who thought that Jessie Eisenberg was being Joker-esque. Brad, I’ve never related to you as much as in that moment. LOL. 😀 Oh, and Kristen Stewart is not in the sequel because of the cheating scandal.

  3. I admit that this is independent of the review, but it seems that Brad’s wishes can be granted with regards to Crystal Pepsi.

    I hope he’s able to get some bottles.

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