The Lion King (2019) – Nostalgia Critic

It’s one of Disney’s highest grossing movies, yet so many people hate it. Let’s find out why the remake of a timeless classic fell hard off of Pride Rock. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the live action Lion King from 2019.

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  1. Gotta refresh fast bruh! Your heart pounding for getting that first comment didn’t it?
    Yes, i finally did it the first comment in the 30th <—- NC video of 2020. Remember this day those who see/read this. There is always Next Decade! HAHA!

    Yeees! live with the shame for the next 10 years to get that first comment. MWAHAHAHA! I’m still on a winning streak here.

    I know you're gonna read this. Sore winner/loser be damned.

    • “So what do you do on Wednesdays?”
      “I refresh the Channel Awesome page for a few hours until the new video is uploaded so I can copy paste the first comment. Yeah, I’m usually the only comment, but that’ll show them.”
      “Check, please.”

      • Pretty much but don’t mind me it’s just me having fun since hardly anyone comments here so…yeah plus i was being spiteful of those who tried to beak my streak…kind of a immature thing to do. Look at the other comments on the NC videos….Same comments. but different. Boredom can do that to a person at times.

      • Also youtube does that a lot. not much here unfortunatly.

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