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The Cinema Snob enters the world of Video Brinquedo for the first in their Cars knockoff series.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. I’ve actually just heard of this film a few weeks ago in a list of the top 10 worst animated movies of this century so far, which also includes Foodfight. I also remember Bastard Film Brain reviewing Ratatoing back in 2010.
    1:50- I was also thinking of Dingo Pictures. Thanks, Phelous.
    3:39- I haven’t seen the Cars movies from start to finish, but the races in THOSE movies makes it look like NASCAR quality filmmaking.
    6:25- Thank you very much for making me imagine a car mounting another car, movie. And people STILL have a problem with Devastator in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen having wrecking balls for testicles.
    9:59- I’ll stick with NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid,” thank you very much.
    12:55- Lugnut using someone else’s money for their own personal gain. That’s what I like to call “an Eric Trump.”
    Cruise is worse than Tom Cruise, but still better than Ted Cruz.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “I also remember Bastard Film Brain reviewing Ratatoing back in 2010.”

      Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop of The Isle of Rangoon (a vastly underrated and underappreciated show) also reviewed Ratatoing. In fact I saw their review of it before Film Brain’s.

      Here’s my review of Video Brenquedo’s history: launched, ripped off, sucked, died.

  2. 6:15 – 6:25

    Geez, talk about “auto-erotic”

  3. Before I ever heard of Video Brenquedo, me and the step-dad stopped by a RedBox once, and he rented Little Cars 2 for my nephew. I was internally laughing at him the whole time.

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