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Ariel’s daughter wants to be a mermaid. While you can swim through the irony, is this sequel in deep water? Doug takes a look at The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

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  1. OMG. I watched this movie so so much as a kid. When someone asked what Disney Princess I wanted to be, I would sometimes say Melody. I’m afraid to see it again though because I’m afraid it won’t be as good as I remember. Although, even as a kid, I knew it was just a re-hash of the first movie.

  2. I’m surprised that he actually kind of liked Melody and Morgana. I thought he would rip them apart! Sure he doesn’t love them, but I guess he kind of likes them, which is better than hate or disliking them. I do agree that this movie is flawed but I still love it! Does that mean that I think it’s good? No, it’s mediocre at best! But I like the songs, the animation is pretty, Melody is a fantastic and well-written character, and Morgana is cool (though nothing fantastic). I do think this is a great concept and, while this sounds dumb, I hope to work at Disney someday and actually remake these sequels to have better plots and writing. We are shown Melody’s fascination with the sea during the song For A Moment but, yeah, it is just “for a moment.” The only thing about this movie I will ALWAYS 100% defend is Melody being an awesome character! It’s flawed and mediocre but I love it for nostalgic reasons, so it’s a guilty pleasure.

  3. Creamcheesealchemist

    I definitely think it’s interesting that Ariel ends up taking after her father but I felt they didn’t really take advantage of the potential there.

  4. Only good thing that can be said about this movie is Melody herself; and being voiced by Tara Strong, one of the best female voice actors of all time most certainly helps that.

  5. Want some real irony? This movie had Cam-fucking-Clarke. And they cast him as Flounder. I just…..really, Disney?

  6. As much as I hated this movie, I thought Pat Carroll and Clancy Brown had good chemistry. Not quite Yzma and Kronk, but still they still worked good and played off each other well.

  7. And oh boy Doug, wait until you get to the third one. The Little Mermaid: Footloose.

  8. one of the disney sequels I will NEVER see. EVER.

  9. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of Lady and the Tramp 2. It’s more or less a similar plot like The Little Mermaid 2, but with dogs. I personally enjoyed the movie as a child, and while it’s definitely got its flaws, I do enjoy watching it around for the 4th of July.

    • He’s going to rip that one apart, I imagine. It’s so tonally different from the original, it may as well be entirely unrelated. Scamp is so grating and obnoxious.

  10. Yeah, you’d think that given the significance of “The Little Mermaid”, that Disney would have tried to do something more original with the sequel. This film is like really uninspired fan fiction.

    And the VILLAIN, ugh. They couldn’t even try to make Morgana unique. It’s like, “Hey, we know how much you love Ursula. Here’s a skinny green version of her!”
    How about reusing some of the original concepts that were intended for Ursula to create Morgana? Instead of ripping off Ursula’s final design, they could have turned Morgana into the lion fish that Ursula was originally conceived to be.

  11. thatchickwithlonghair

    I don’t like this one much….but don’t worry; Hunchback’s sequel is MUCH MUCH worse. XD N Chick’s review of this was great When “Ursala’s Crazy Sister!” is introduced, she writes down “LAZY” on a piece of paper and holds it up to the screen. XD

  12. Goddamn otherkins….

  13. I saw this once or twice back in the day. It probably wouldn’t hold up if I were to watch it again.

  14. Trump joke! Seriously, we’ll get used to those. I heard Tara Strong say this was one of her favorite roles! Will she ever have a guest star appearance? Yeah, she’s worked with Cree Summer. I wasn’t interested in this movie and I won’t see it.

  15. “Selfish” – haha

  16. Actually a few defenses I can make for this movie based on this review are as follows.

    1. Eric seems to be able to understand sea creatures and seagulls since in the first movie he could hear Sebastian telling Eric Ariel’s name and could hear him and a bunch of animals singing Kiss The Girl. So I’d say Melody doesn’t really need to question that if it wasn’t a problem in the first movie.

    2. Melody was established to be quite awkward on land and clumsy, where as in the sea she’s more comfortable and graceful (Especially when she’s a mermaid), so it doesn’t surprise me that she looks at her feet and is surprised that she’s doing fine. Also, trust me, A LOT of parents secretly hope and cross their fingers that their kid won’t mess up. Plus she does look at her feet again when she realizes that she can stop Morgana after she said that all those with fins would bow down before her.

    3. Yeah, Eric is underused in this movie but he doesn’t really stay behind to do nothing. He said he was going to lead the search for Melody on land. So they were basically trying to cover everywhere.

    4. Melody wasn’t getting answers and is young, so of course she’d be impulsive and run away to find the answers to her questions herself.

    5. Of course Melody is going to believe the person who actually gives her answers and makes her a mermaid. How would she know that Triton wasn’t bad? She thought Morgana was her friend! Why wouldn’t she go against her mom after being lied to her whole life?

    6. Ariel’s facial expressions aren’t as expressive because she’s older and more mature now. If she made those big expressions that she made in the original she wouldn’t look convincing as a mom but still a 16-year-old girl.

  17. One of my little sisters also loved this movie years ago.

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