The Lost Boys – Tamara’s Never Seen

Neither Tamara or Doug have seen Joel Schumacher’s, The Lost Boys. It’s time to change that on a new Tamara’s Never Seen.

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  1. And tell me that kid from Stranger Things Season 2 isn’t modeled on Michael. Even the fact he calls his sister “Max”.

    The blood Michael drank: it was in a bottle, remember? How do you know if it’s Jack Bauer’s or the Head Vampire’s? You don’t! Because it’s in a bottle! (I think maybe Star mentions that it was David’s, but really, how do you know that’s true, even if she did say it?)

  2. Yup, a fun, stupid, fast paced, teen vampire romp. This was such an MTV summer teen movie that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the late 80s. Corey Haim was being pushed as the big teen idol of the day, but Corey Feldmen had his cred from Goonies and proves the much more fun and memorable performance.

    Next you’re watching Legend?

    Get ready for amazing atmosphere and special effects makeup, and a wafer thin plot. It’s enjoyable, but mostly for the spectacle and atmosphere.

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