The Luck of the Irish – Disneycember

Put on your pointy ears and dish out your Irish jokes. It’s that kind of movie in all the strangest ways. Doug takes a look at The Luck of the Irish.

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  1. I knew of this movie but little kid me was never interested in seeing this movie.

    • Really? I like this one and it’s one of the few that they keep bring back to show each year. The music is enjoyable and plot does provide a few good chuckles here and there.

  2. This is one of the few Disney movies that stuck with me. I was just slightly too old when the DCMs kicked off, but my sister would always watch them. This one I remember generally enjoying, even though I could tell how homey it was at times. If you’re a casual Irish enthusiast, you might find something worthwhile here 🙂

  3. In “The Thirteenth Year” a kid turned into a mermaid. Now it’s a leprechaun! I wonder which mythical being they’ll turn into next? A centaur? A minotaur? Lots of possibilities.

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