The Mask – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara finally watches a Jim Carrey classic, The Mask.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    From what I understand, the comic is far darker. While the character in the movie is more just a hyperactive cartoon character, the comic version is a homicidal maniac; instead of using his powers just to be funny, he uses them to kill people. You may not like it as much as the movie.

  2. Yep, I’ve never seen The Mask either. I didn’t realize it was so not kid friendly despite not being as bad as its source material. O.O I relate to this show so much. I also learned a lot of behind-the-scenes things about this movie despite the fact that I’ve never seen it. Thanks, Tamara. Lastly, YES! Go see Son of the Mask.

  3. Chicken Puppet

    This movie was fun, cool for it’s time. However, in addition to her regular cold or whatever, Tamara has contracted another common illness that spread throughout America in the 90’s: Jim Carrey mediocrity-blindness!

    Yes, this affliction causes people to over-estimate Jim Carrey’s acting ability and not see how limited and hammy he really is. I guess it’s because he’s just so charming while he chews the scenery. Then we all liked him so gosh darn much, we let him act in serious films and pretended he wasn’t slack jawed and dull when he wasn’t jumping around in rubber costumes or mugging the camera.

    Actually, I think his best performance was the widely panned “Cable Guy” where he plays the villain. He is a mentally disturbed cable installer that inserts himself into the life of a regular customer, then becomes obsessed and tries to destroy him when he is rejected. It’s all played for laughs, but it’s actually quite dark when you stop and analyze it.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      It’s just that, in most of the films he’s cast for, he’s basically playing Jim Carrey. The Mask, Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, Batman Forever, The Grinch – in all these films, he’s basically just playing an over-the-top live action cartoon character. He’s capable of more, but he won’t get the kinds of roles that Tom Hanks got.

      • Disagree 1000% They gave him dramatic roles like the Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine, Number 23, Man on the Moon…the problem is that he’s just not that good but his popularity and star power carried him through with critics.

        Like I said, he’s so damn charming while chewing the scenery, and when he’s doing drama he’s passable, just not great. Also, Tom Hanks is a slightly over-rated as a dramatic actor, and under-rated as a comic actor. Watch the Coen Brothers film “The Lady Killers” and see.

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