The Most HATED Nutcracker Movie Ever Made – Nostalgia Critic

It’s universally panned by critics and audiences everywhere. Is it worth all the anger? YES! YES IT IS! The Nostalgia Critic reviews Nutcracker in 3D also known as Nutcracker the Untold Story.

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  1. I love the Seinfeld reference and the jab on Twitter. So great to see Rachel back! I’ve never heard of this movie before. After seeing that burning part of this movie, I miss last week’s movie in a way. At least that was a funny type of dark. I didn’t notice that you hadn’t been saying the F word. O.O That’s fantastic! Now maybe I can show my friends your videos from this past year! 😃 Lastly, aw that tribute to your mom.

  2. You need to upload to something better than Vimeo. It’s buffering every few seconds.

    • Vimeo works fin for me. But like YouTube, it might go crazy sometimes, so try refreshing or maybe test your connection when it happens to see if it might have taken a dive.

  3. Um, Doug, that music from Home Alone already has lyrics. It’s a song called Somewhere in My Memory, which by the by, was nominated for Best Original Song in its year. Here’s the song… the lyrics start around 1:05:


    And also, that was amazing end to your mom. Dude, that hit me right in the feels. Well played Channel Awesome.

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