The Mummy (2017) – 1st Viewing

The box office bomb angered a lot of people. Were Doug and Rob just as angry at The Mummy (2017)?

Watch the review here.

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  1. Next up’s Dragonball Evolution. Boy, are you guys in for something. What happened to real thoughts? These seem to be replacing them. That’s okay. Of course everyone thinks that about the movie.

  2. Where’s the booze?

  3. Wow. I am SO glad I skipped this movie.

  4. Thing that pissed me off most is the lack of understanding of Egyptian mythology. Set is the God of Chaos (technically, he’s a god of many bad things) BUT NOT DEATH. Death is Anubis’s thing and HE IS NOT EVIL because death does not automatically mean evil, its a natural part of life, Anubis is all about preparing mortals for the after life but he’s not wrapping random people up and stealing their organs to stick in jars he just resides over the rituals which are done willingly because that’s what they believed.

    It doesn’t even make sense why they would call Set the God of Death, Set is literally the God of Chaos and some refer to him as the God of Evil, I mean what. Chaos or Death, hmm, I’m going to say Chaos since its accurate and sounds more well unpredictable or chaotic if you will. For gods sake Hollywood stop casting the death god as the villain. Hades ISN’T even the God of Death, he’s the God of the Underworld. In Greek mythology the God of Death is Thantos and guess what HE’S NOT EVIL ARGGHHHH FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD

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