The Mummy (2017) – Nostalgia Critic

The Angry Video Game Nerd joins Nostalgia Critic in looking at one of the most botched horror remakes. Monster Madness continues!

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  1. Old School first!

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12


  3. My god, this movie is a jumbled mess! Motivations are confusing, characters are developed poorly, the movie is a flustercuck, no wonder this movie did terrible!

    But OMG, you’re gonna do DB: Evolution!?!?!? I’m excited for that, and I’m worried for you NC. Strange, I was kind of expecting commercials next week. Oh well, this works too!

    • I remember back when the show started, he refused to do DBZ. lol

      As for this film, it suffers from the same problem the DC attempts at a CU had; both studios were so busy trying to recreate the success of Marvel that they forgot the key thing which made the Marvel Universe good – that although Marvel always had one eye focused 5 films ahead, it never took its other eye off the film it was making right now.

      • In “The review must go on”, It was said that he wasn’t going to do any movie currently in theatres.

        • The Real Silverstar

          Nowhere is that etched in stone, the man can change his mind. Also, he’s been doing reviews of current theatrical releases for a while now; a bit late to be nitpicking about that.

          By the by, this movie’s currently on Blu-Ray.

  4. This is the worst scenario: an attempt at a horror movie by people that don’t understand what makes it scary or interesting.
    The studio industry is seeing that horror movies are big bucks again and “The Mummy” seems to be that sad response from these big stars that think they understand what people want. While I’m all in for a Dark Universe, is this how we really want our monsters put together? as an Avengers-style team? First of all, “Hotel Transylvania” is already doing that in an comedic tone. Second, “Monster Squad” did that in in an adventure tone. Third, “House of Dracula” did it in a classic horror tone. Finally, IT SEEMS THAT SCARY IS THE LAST THING UNIVERSAL WANTS WITH THIER CLASSIC MONSTERS. WHY?
    This whole thing is made by Chart People (I’m looking at you Rob!) who are trying to ride the horror train without an understanding that people want to be scared by these monsters, not as superheroes.

  5. 2:30 O.O ……………….OH NO!

  6. If there was something that really “triggered” me in this movie was this constant mistake of saying Seth was the god of Death. I felt like screaming at the movie “god of CHAOS!!!” everytime they called him “god of Death”. Seriously Universal, fucking Egyptian 101. Osiris is the God of Death, and he is a good guy. Anubis is the god of Funerals, and he is a good guy. Set is the God of Chaos, and he is a bloody prick! (to be specific, Seth represents evil, disorder, storms, barren desert, basicaly everything evil).

    *apophis is the embodiment of chaos, to those also thinking about it.

    • It’s pretty basic ancient mythology in Hollywood Death gods are the bad guys cause their job role reminds them of Satan, I would say death gods as good guys is due for a comeback but Percy Jackson and Gods of Egypt didn’t do them any favors.

      • Yeah…just like how Hades is often portrayed as evil/jealous of Zeus when he’s Neutral. He doesn’t give a damn, “You all come to me eventually.” If anyone would be a chaotic/easily riled rival to Zeus (who is already a dick), it would be Poseidon.

        • “just like how Hades is often portrayed as evil/jealous of Zeus when he’s Neutral.”
          No, he is fact is most decent form the brothers. Zeus is a selfish prick poking all woman in zone of sight, and Poseidon is as you said. Hedes was only dude who just focus on his job and try avoid problems. Even in case with Persefona they were in love, and her mother was a bitch here threatening to destroy the world.

      • “in Hollywood Death gods are the bad guys cause their job role reminds them of Satan”
        Except when they portray Satan they instantly forget about this aspect this character.

    • Actually he was not always considered evil. It dependeded of which dynasty was currently ruling, he was also seen as a warrior and a protector….
      But yeah never a god of death

    • Glad I’m not the only one. Though Seth technically doesn’t actually represent evil. He’s just a bastard.

      Universal should set all their mummy movies in Iraq from now on, because as far as I’m concerned, their Egypt privileges have been revoked.

  7. Damn, this movie was stupid. Makes me wonder if I too can write a script that can turn into a multimillion-dollar bomb.
    And is James losing his touch? Couldn’t help but notice that his energy is little low throughout the video. He doesn’t need to compete with Doug’s performance on everything, but he seemed like such a downer.

    • In this, he’s more disappointed than angry. And, I’ll say, I’m OK with that.

      • Neh, for me, James was the analyst able to convey the thoughts most clearly while NC was the higher-pitched rage voice. I would not have enjoyed if they both did it trying to overdo it. Wise choice of presentation on their part.

    • The Real Silverstar

      James wasn’t playing the Nerd here. When he reviews movies, he does them as himself, who is very calm and chill. James was billed as the AVGN because that’s what brings the fans in, but he was utilizing the more laid back style he typically employs on Cinemassacre when he’s not playing the Nerd.

    • Nah, your criticism is fair because he’s appearing as “The Nerd”, but fans of James Rolfe know he also does Monster Madness and reviews classic and modern horror films.

      I can see why you’d think that, but James doesn’t really have a separate “character” for Monster Madness, and NC is all about the characters and rivalries and crossovers.

  8. This movie was the most miss guided attempt to latch onto the cinematic universe trend. Poor universal and their two failed tries at this but hey at least they aren’t Sony. Also damn it NC I was gonna do the DBE movie this November now I can’t cause well of obvious reasons XD well played but I think I have a trick or two

    • No I respect this one more than I respect DC, they at least had the good sense to postpone their next film, which is really just quietly cancelling it.
      Still to bad for Russell Crowe ending up in both.

      • I will drink to that sir, DC and WB are fucked up the ass right now if JL is shit, Wonder Woman was good but if this ensemble film is trash then there will be hell to pay. I just feel bad for universal cause they couldn’t even get off the ground

      • … Right. So Batman V Superman grossed $873.3 million in the Box Office and has a RottenTomatoes score of 27%, while The Mummy(2017) got $409.1 million dollars and a RottenTomatoes score of 14%.
        Considering that people generally despise the latter more than the former (just compare NC episodes for an example), and Wonder Woman did well enough financially ($826.1 million, which is more than Man of Steel’s $668 million) _and critically_ (92% on Rotten Tomatoes) despite the failings of its predecessor… what tangible reason would DC have for postponing Justice League?

        • Well.. MoS despite it flaws was considered as acceptable startup of cinematic universe if they repair those in future (in case of MCU they start with Incredible Hulk what bombed because of poor reputation of previous movie, but still MCU was huge success in end). But BvS despite huge credit of franchises they use, in end still by most of people is considered as huge clusterfuck (something like first Hulk). WW bring money despite lost of reputation of DCEU after that movie so we may argue that it stop implosion of DCEU, but that mean also that JLA movie simply need work or they die.. or they can postpone it if they can’t repair it (Snyder was here) and save the face.

          Even if Dracula Unchained was not canon it still was this first attempt what could be forgiven if rest would work. but it still was really bad. But Mummy was so huge train-wrack that it basically destroy whole Dark Universe in the root, so they didn’t have other way then post-phone next movie. Whole approach was considered as misguided by most people anyway.

          • My point is, Justice League is already made (it comes out in less than two weeks), it made more than The Dark Universe in the Box Office ($3.1085 billion as opposed to The Dark Universe’s $626.1 million if you count Dracula Untold), and there’s already a good movie in the DC Extended Universe. It would make zero sense to postpone it considering these facts, even if it did suck (because that would mean starting over from scratch, which would involve reshooting scenes with different scripts, possible recasting, resulting in the metaphorical burning money and a markedly smaller return of investment as a result).
            As for Snyder… he already left the postproduction because his daughter committed suicide. What more could you possibly want?

          • Yes, but that depend if they try save DCEU or just scrap idea asa whole.

  9. It’s nice to see Critic have another crossover with Nerd. To me it never feels right when Egyptian God is compared to Devil because it goes to that “highjacked by Jesus”-trope that is used far too often in American work of fiction. Then again Wonder Woman movie did make Zeus seem like Christian God and Ares seem like Satan so…

    • And Zeus was a cheater and a rapist with an ego the size of the Mediterranean, so…yeah, sounds like skewed ‘Merica.

    • Dude.. not Wounder Woman movie but Wounder Woman comic what originate in the forties, so it can be forgiven to have pulp version of myths. For reminder Clash of the Titans what show Kraken as a lizard is at least half century younger.

      Also technically they give only brief explanation about Zeus, and omitted fact that Diana is in fact granddaughter of well.. Ares (she only presumed that she is daughter of Zeus). That doesn’t need specifically to be mistake and Ares generally was described as a prick anyway.

    • But Shinigami, if there’s no Satan-analogue, then whose fault is it when I do a bad thing? Surely it can’t possibly be MINE.

  10. But wait, years ago there was a review of Dragonball Evolution and you find out at the end that the Nostalgia Critic didn’t want to review the movie so he made a group of others review it. He apparently forgot about that as he has no idea what Dragonball Evolution is. All hail the great and powerful Plot Hole!

  11. To be fair, this movie did have plenty of good ideas, but they weren’t used very well. For one I don’t mind a female mummy (though I would have casted someone else like Rosario Dawson personally) but her motive and fall from grace made no sense, and I don’t mind Tom Cruise or the other actors, but they should have been archaeologists, or general men and women of science, not friggin military; and shouldn’t the movie be a horror, not an action flick?! You can still make a horror movie just as entertaining, and you can even add some moments of levity and fast pacing, but not like a Fast and Furious movie!

    And in the the grand scheme of things, the main antagonist’s motivation makes no sense! Maybe she would want to revive the long line of Egyptian royalty before her, or she thinks she could be doing the world a favor by wanting to overthrow the rest of the world powers and assimilate the human race into her order or something.

    On that note, why is Dr. Jeykle even here, and why is he in charge?! If he’s the Nick Furry of this universe than does that mean Jeykle and Mr. Frigging Hyde are gonna start their own team of superheroes?! That would be cool in concept (even though it should be a horror and again they are monsters) but again… why Jeykle/Hyde?! And actually, why start with The Mummy when you can start with Dracula first?!

    Ugh, but like I said the intentions for wanting to start a new Universal Monster Movie line is valid, and again this film in particular did have plenty of good ideas, it’s just that they weren’t used very well.

    Still hoping they could pull a Hulk/Incredible Hulk style soft reboot and start their new universe from scratch.

    • First of all the idea of her thinking she could be doing the world a favor by wanting to overthrow the rest of the world powers and assimilate the human race into her order is great we’ve already established that The Joker and Lord Voldemort hate Trump so The Mummy is a logical next step.
      Second it was an action not a horror cause as he pointed out last week they were more interested in remaking the Brendan Fraser one than the original also any conceivable way of turning The Mummy into a modern horror film probably would have alluded these writers.
      Also sarcastic or not you should really sell that Jekyll and Hyde idea to Vertigo or whoever’s currently publishing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
      Lastly you seem to be forgetting, or blocking out to spare yourself the inconvenience, Dracula Untold.

      • Two things.

        1. I meant the Mummy should have been a horror like the Boris Karloff movie, not the Benden Fraiser one which we already knew was an action flick.

        2. Dracula Untold doesn’t count because this was before Universal planned their “Dark Universe” line.

  12. Angryatthecritic666

    No! Not dragon ball!

    • It’s not Dragon Ball; it’s Dragonball Evolution. Evolution imitates Dragon Ball the way a castrato imitates a man.

      Anyone who wants to see a decent analysis of Dragon Ball Evolution should check out Il Niege (Garret Snook)’s video on the subject. He touched on some very good points. I really hope that Garret will be able to make videos again soon.

  13. True story. My father took my nephew and I to see The Mummy in the theatre the Saturday after it opened. By Monday we both knew we had gone to go see a movie but we couldn’t remember the name of the movie or anything that happened in it. I think it was so bad that our minds were actually trying to block out the memory of it.

    PS. You didn’t bring up the fact that they tried to connect the Brendan Frasier Movies with this one by including the Book of the Living with that weird puzzle Lock mechanism thing on the front

  14. Looking forward to next week’s review! I haven’t seen DBE so don’t really know how bad it it firsthand, but I’m a big fan of DBZ and am really looking forward to seeing you talk about Dragon Ball and maybe even do sketches of it.

  15. Thanks for the video!
    Happy Halloween to all the team, James & the viewers.

  16. Was that Vanilla Ice in the intro? LOL! Also, Angry Video Game Nerd has mellowed out a lot it seems. Lastly… it wasn’t clipless. Oh joy! ^.^ I’m also excited for the next review.

  17. Oh no. Not Dragonball evolution

  18. Doug, you shaved your beard… again.

  19. I can’t see it. Why isn’t it upload?

  20. Why don’t you review a classic horror like this one I’ve finally found after all these years after just seeing a few scenes of it and never knowing how it ended. It’s called Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. You might like it.

    Can you all do Daria, Good Vibes, Make the Grade, Clone High, Eon Flux, Maxx and MTV’s Downtown?

    And maybe 6teen, Stroked, Producing Parker, Totally Spies, The Amazing Spies, Team Galaxy and Martin Mystery?

    And is there anyway you can review the Japanese versions of Ironman, Wolverine, X-men and Blade?

    Also what do think of these TV series shows called:
    John Doe
    Forever Knight
    The Misfits (British Show)
    Misfits of Science (Movie and series)
    and The Zeta Project
    (I think all of these shows are like Sonic the Hedgehog a.k.a Sonic Sat a.m. They all have incomplete ending.)

    And I’d really like to hear what you think about the FX series Archer and Chozen.

    And I never found out if you were going talk more about the Disney Afternoon shows Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Talespin(even the hour uncut movie special I found about it) and Darkwing Duck. Also you never answer my question, If you hate the Goof Troop song “Gotta Be Gettin’ Goofy” then does that mean you hate The Darkwing Duck Rap?

  21. Please don’t let it be Death Note. Please don’t let it be Death Note. Please don’t let it be Death Note.

    Oh thank God. It’s just Dragonball Evolution. What could go wrong?

  22. SET IS NOT THE GOD OF DEATH! He’s the god of the desert, storms, and chaos. Osiris is the god of death. This movie can’t even get basic mythology right.

  23. Nerd, you evil genius.

  24. I want to say that because it need to be said too.
    Set was not a god of death or of the dead. He was a god of the desert and of storm, the god of death was Anubis the god of the dead was Osiris… seriously one minute passed researching would have told them that

  25. Team Four Star’s gonna be in the next video!

  26. Oh boy, the ending made me wanted to see Nostalgia Critic x Teamfourstar crossover.

  27. When I saw what The Nostalgia Critic was holding at the end….

    “…You MOTHER FUCKER!!!”

  28. Huh, it’s based off a popular anime? Is it Death No-
    Holy crap, he’s gonna review Dragon Ball Evolution next?! That’s awesome!!

  29. This movie is awful. Set isn’t the god of death! Anubis, Osiris… anyone of those would have fit, not Set.

    Wow Nerd, Dragon Ball Evolution? Now that is evil.

  30. Dragonball evolution. Critic will probably kill himself.

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